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Would like to picket in support dockworkers?

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    To all readers of Frontlines newspapers: The port bosses, resembling a lot the old railroad bosses of the 1850s are involved in a provocation against 10,500
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 16, 2002
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      To all readers of Frontlines newspapers:

      The port bosses, resembling a lot the old railroad bosses of the 1850s
      are involved in a provocation against 10,500 dockworkers in the West
      Coast. They are shutting down the harbors, hurting the economy and
      forcing workers to lose workdays. They are attempting to force the Bush
      intervention in a dispute over working conditions with the ILWU. The
      Pacific Maritime Association, the bosses' organization, wants the Bush
      administration to send troops and declare the ports "security zones" and
      include them in the White House "war on terrorism."

      Here we reproduce a letter from the San Francisco Labor Council AFL-CIO
      appealing for workers, individually, to support the ILWU's picket lines.
      Good first step. We call upon our readers to support and honor those
      picket lines. But is hardly enough. The Harbor Baron must be stopped
      in their tracks by the mobilization of the entire AFL-CIO. The AFL-CIO
      at the national level should help build an old fashioned, militant
      solidarity with the ILWU workers. Mass demonstrations must be called
      immediately and money should be supplied to the ILWU to pay for lost
      workdays of dockworkers and to organize a massive campaign explaining
      that if the PMA insist in locking out workers and shutting down the
      economy, the harbors and all its operations must be transferred to
      public ownership under the control of dockworkers and other employees.
      Here is the letter for the picket lines.

      Frontlines staff

      SF Labor Council Call to Support ILWU Picket Lines (9/30/02)
      Date: Mon, 30 Sep 2002 17:02:52 -0700
      S.F. Labor Council,

      1188 Franklin St., #203, San Francisco, CA 94109.

      The following letter was sent out this afternoon, Sept. 30th, by the San
      Francisco Labor Council (AFL-CIO) to all S.F. Labor Council affiliates.
      September 30, 2002

      Appeal to Support the ILWU's Picket Lines in Oakland, CA

      Dear Sisters and Brothers:
      As you have read in today's press, the ILWU has been locked out once
      again, this time indefinitely, by the Pacific Maritime Association. A
      further sign of the PMA's refusal to bargain in good faith occurred this
      afternoon, when the PMA called off a scheduled bargaining session and
      placed further unacceptable demands on the ILWU.

      The ILWU has called on the PMA to come back to the bargaining table. It
      has stated repeatedly that the longshore workers want to return to work.
      It has denied categorically the PMA's claims of "slowdowns" and the
      like, calling these pretexts by the PMA to hinder good-faith bargaining.

      Meanwhile, the ILWU's picket lines have gone up in 29 West Coast ports.
      In Oakland, support for the ILWU's picket lines is solid, as union after
      union has contacted the ILWU pledging that its members will not cross
      the lines. Picket lines are up at all the terminals.
      Now the ILWU needs our support. They need help with reinforcements on
      the picket lines from unionists and labor rights activists in San
      Francisco and throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. They are calling on
      all supporters of trade union rights to come down to the Port of
      Oakland, at any time of day or night, though preferably at the time of
      shift changes, which are 6:00am, 12:00pm, 6:00pm, and 12:00am, to help
      staff the lines.

      Everyone should report to the picket captains at Port View Park, after
      which they will be dispatched to the terminals that need reinforcement.
      Port View Park is located at the end of 7th Street in the Port of
      Oakland. To get there, take Maritime Boulevard and make a right onto 7th

      An Injury to One is an Injury to All.
      Walter L. Johnson
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