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SF: volunteer today for Electoral / community work with the left

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    The Progressive Left, Green activists, Left Party Frontlines newspaper staff, the Immigrant Rights Movement (MDI) and community, student and labor activists
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 13, 2002
      The Progressive Left, Green activists, Left Party Frontlines newspaper
      staff, the Immigrant Rights Movement (MDI) and community, student and
      labor activists are working together from today to Election Day on
      November to support a number of campaigns and community work in the San
      Francisco Bay Area. Join US!


      We will be supporting or opposing a number of candidates and issues on
      the ballot. But we will be focusing on two candidates: Carlos Estrada
      for City Council, District 8th in Berkeley and Abel Mouton for the San
      Francisco College Board. Other Green, independent left candidates and
      progressive positions on a number of propositions on the ballot will be
      promoted as well.

      For more information or to volunteer, please call (415) 452-9992 or
      e-mail to: alternative@... If you already indicated you would
      like to volunteer, make your choices and call us up to sign in.

      San Francisco, Spanish-Speaking branch)

      Saturday, September 28, 11 AM at the Bell at Dolores Park.
      Demonstration in support of the Palestinian people. Distribute
      literature for the candidates, promote with leaflets
      Immigrant Pride Day. We will also be collecting endorsements for IPD.

      Wednesday, October 2 - 1 PM Hearing at 850 Bryant to discuss the
      utilization of the big sound systems for IPD.

      Thursday, October 3 - 10 AM Meeting with the cops at Mission Police
      Station to discuss how we are conducting our own security and want them
      out of the IPD 2002. As some people already know, they had been calling
      some of our main organizers, harassing them about the political nature
      of the event.

      Thursday, Friday - Door to door in San Francisco and or tabling at CCSF
      (Call time and place (415) 452-9992)

      Friday, October 4 - Public Meeting in Berkeley community setting
      organized for Carlos Estrada's' campaign. Place and time to be

      Saturday, October 5 - 11 AM to 3PM Door to Door intensive canvassing at
      District 8th in Berkeley with Carlos Estrada's campaign and other
      literature. Objective: 800 households. (Call 415/452-9992 to volunteer)

      Saturday, October 5 - 5 PM - Volunteers' meeting for IPD 2002 - At the
      Offices of IFR - Mission and 25th Streets, San Francisco.

      Sunday, October 6 - 4-8PM Fundraising for Abel Mouton at Melissa's. Live
      Music, buffet and drinks. Call for tickets in advance $40 an up. (415)

      Monday, October 7, Wednesday October 9 and Friday, October 11 - Door to
      door for electoral campaigns (Abel Mouton for College Board, SF, and
      Carlos Estrada for City Council in Berkeley) and IPD 2002. (call for
      time and meeting places) (415) 452-9992

      Public Event in UC Berkeley (date? time? To be confirmed)

      Tuesday, October 8 - Super-Rally with Ralph Nader in the East Bay.
      Distributing literature for our candidates and promoting
      IPD 2002.

      Saturday, October 12 - from 7 AM to 6 PM, general mobilization for IPD
      2002. We will have plenty of work during the day in the general
      organizing of the event, managing the stages and with the political
      tasks: stages, literature sales and distribution and organizing a movie
      theater with political movies and debates throughout the day. We expect
      10-20,000 people.

      Saturday, October 19 - Political Rally and Campaign fundraising.
      Speeches, live music, drinks, signs. This is the popular event of the
      campaign, start promoting it to bring as many people as possible. Will
      be at El Rio from 3:30 PM to 8:30 PM. $10 in advance. Call for tickets:

      Sunday, October 20 - General Mobilization for Carlos Estrada. Door to
      door campaigning with campaign literature. (Call Jim/Beto
      for time and meeting place)

      Monday 21 to Friday 26 - Tabling at City College and UC Berkeley and
      door to door in neighborhoods both at Berkeley and San Francisco. Call
      for time and meeting place.

      Saturday, October 26 - Sunday, October 27 - Caravan throughout the city
      of San Francisco. Sound system, music, signs and campaign literature as
      well as newspapers. We are planning to do 4 neighborhoods on Saturday
      and 4 neighborhoods on Saturday with stops, etcetera. 415/452/9992

      Monday, October 27 to Friday, November 1 - Door to door at neighborhoods
      in Berkeley and San Francisco, tabling at UC Berkeley and CCSF.

      Saturday, November 2, Sunday, November 3 - Mobilization in both Berkeley
      and SF for our candidates (time and places to be determined).


      In addition:

      On October 1 we will have ready signs for Abel Mouton for City College
      (San Francisco) and Carlos Estrada for City Council (Berkeley). If you
      wish to participate in the groups organized to put them up or need one
      for your yard or window, give us a ring: (415) 452-9992
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