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pakistan india escalation

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  • umer
    hi all i have recently joined this group. i am a pakistani student and i this mail i will try to elaborate my point of view about the current escalation of
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 6, 2002
      hi all
      i have recently joined this group. i am a pakistani
      student and i this mail i will try to elaborate my
      point of view about the current escalation of tension
      between india and pakistan.
      Although i am a pakistani but still i believe that
      pakistan has a controversial birth. pakistan was made
      as a buffer zone by the falling british empire so that
      the rising socialist revolutions in vietnam and china
      can be countered. one other point to be noted here is
      that the pakistan movement was strengthened by two
      factors. firstly it was more or less sponsored by
      british government. secondly the feudal class of areas
      now included in pakistan wanted to free itself from
      the hands of the emerging bougeoise of india. most of
      them were hindus and they played the card of religion.
      they won the sympathese of muslims by using religion
      and arousing there emotions against hindus. they told
      them that hindus are their exploiters (along with
      british....as they were rulers then). so they
      exploited the religious differences present among
      muslims and hindus and that was when the actual story
      started. although these differences and religious
      viloence in hindus and muslims in the sub-continenet
      were present even before the britishers came here. and
      it has its specific historical perspectives. well its
      not time to discuss those issues.
      when pakistan came into being, whole of its ideology
      was based on haterence for hindus and india. almost
      same situation was in india. thats why both states
      nurtured large armies. the unresolved kashmir issue
      provided the logical basis for the large armies.
      it is widely accepted that kashmir issue was left
      unresolved intentionally by the britishers due to
      their specific imperial interests. pakistan and india
      went to war for three times on the issue of kashmir.
      thousands of poor soldiers on both sides lost their
      lives. but why the kashmir issue is still unresolved?
      i think that armies of both sides and the imperialist
      powers of world do not want to solve this. they left
      kashmir as a buffer zone between india and pakistan.
      but as someone said rightly that after 9/11 the world
      is entirely different. america has very high aims in
      this region. it has captured afghanistan and now can
      easily capture the oil resources of former soviet
      states. but one thing is still unresolved. china is
      another threat to america. now america wants to
      counter her. if we look at the current escalation of
      tension in this background we can easily conclude
      whats going to happen. i think its another american
      game because now america wants to solve kashmir issue.
      but giving whole kashmir to anyone of the states will
      create lot of problems for either of the two states.
      moreover america still wants a buffer in the region or
      in other words she wants an american colony. so the
      plan is to divide kashmir into three parts. one for
      india one for pakistan and one INDEPENDENT (hahah
      funny and you know what does this independent state
      means). but the problem is that armies on both sides
      generally and pakistan army specifically are resisting
      the plan. as this will create lot of problems for army
      domestically and moreover the status which army enjoys
      will be in danger. so i think the main reason behind
      the current tension is that america india coalition is
      trying to encircle pakistan so that they can force
      pakistn army to accept the plan and moreover they are
      creating environment to ensure that poeple on both
      sides themselves say that the kashmir issue needs to
      be solved.
      so i think thats the whole story. i am not an
      international affairs analyst, i am a simple
      petty-bourgeoise class student. a common man of
      pakistan. so thats all what i can say.
      moreover i want to add that i and the group i belong
      to is against war and will always oppose it with
      words, with actions, and are trying to strengthen the
      peace movements.
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