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Re: [FrontlinesNewspaper] Activities of Committee on Argentina

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  • Andrew DellaRocca
    Any news on the World Social Forum in Porto Alegre? If you don t have any, where can I find some? also, any plans to unify the moviments in Argentina with
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 7, 2002
      Any news on the World Social Forum in Porto Alegre? If you don't have any,
      where can I find some? also, any plans to unify the moviments in Argentina
      with those in Brazil?

      Andrew Della Rocca

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      >Subject: [FrontlinesNewspaper] Activities of Committee on Argentina
      >Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2002 04:11:36 -0000
      >--- In SolidaridadArgentina@y..., Coordinating Committee wrote:
      >Today, at the meeting of the Coordinating Committee of the December 19
      >Argentinean Solidarity Committee of San Francisco Bay Area, the
      >following decisions were adopted:
      >1. To organize a fundraising for the Argentinena workers who are
      >struggling. The fundraising will consist in a big party inviting the
      >Argentinean community and their supporters. The money raised will go
      >to the strike fund or some other fund organized and administered by
      >workers themselves in Argentina (There were some discussion about the
      >workers at Pepsico and others). The idea is to channel the money to a
      >group of workers who are now engaged in struggle.
      >The fundraising will take place in three weeks at place, exact date
      >and time to be announced. A sub-committee to organize the event and
      >one to contact directly workers in struggle in Argentina were formed.
      >If you or your organization would like to help out with the
      >preparation of this event or you have a proposal as to which concrete
      >group of workers we should support, please contact us at
      >alternative@s... The fundraising will be called "Cacerolazo
      >por Argentina"
      >2. The Coordinating Committee agreed to organize a demonstration,
      >tentatively on February 23. Place and time to be announced. If you
      >or your organization would like to help out and participate on this
      >project, please send a message to alternative@s...
      >Demonstrate in support of the Argentinean people and demand US hands
      >off!; Cancel the Debt!; Punish those responsible for the dirty war!
      >and Justice for those killed on December 20!
      >Organizations interested in coordinating the solidarity with the
      >Argentinean people, the demonstration or the fundraising, please send
      >a representative to our meeting on Tuesday, January 22. Please, RSVP
      >to alternative@s... or calling (415) 452-9992
      >3. The Coordinating Committee discussed and adopted a proposal to
      >organize a tour of a representative of the struggles in Argentina to
      >several universities in California. Organizers were selected to
      >research who and when that person would be available to travel to
      >California for the tour. Ideas? Write back to
      >4. The Committee needs volunteers for:
      >* Leafleting in San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland and Berkeley in
      >preparation for both the February 23 demonstration and the planned
      >fundraising. If you can help, please, contact us by calling (415)
      >* Outreach to universities to organize the tour. If you or your
      >organization on campus would like to help out, sponsor, etc, please
      >contact us at: (415) 452-9992
      >* Translators and copyeditors: both Spanish to English and English to
      >Spanish. If you would like to help, please contact us through e-mail
      >to alternative@s...
      >December 19 Argentinean Solidarity Committee
      >--- End forwarded message ---

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