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Peace & Antiwar Calendar Nr. 2 / 10-01-01

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    **** PLEASE POST, FORWARD, DISTRIBUTE **** SF Frontlines Peace & Antiwar Calendar Issue #2 10/01/01 This is the second issue of the San Francisco Frontlines
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      SF Frontlines Peace & Antiwar Calendar

      Issue #2 10/01/01


      This is the second issue of the San Francisco Frontlines Peace and Antiwar Calendar. We will try to include every coalition and committee meeting, every teach-in and speak-out, every mass demonstration and letter writing campaign. It represents our humble contribution to building the broadest possible anti-war movement by ensuring that all of our readers are resources for anyone who wants to lend their shoulders to the tasks at hand. All dates subject to change. We will update the info as we go, but call (415) 452-9992 for more information.

      To send information for actions, conferences, meetings and to receive the Peace and Antiwar Calendar, send e-mail to: Progress.




      EMERGENCY RESPONSE: If and when the US begins to bomb or attack any country in retaliation for the terrorist attacks against NYC and Washington, DC, we will rally at Powell and Market that very day at 5PM to demand that the bombing and/or attack cease. Bring your banners and signs. Everyone welcome.


      Tuesday, October 2nd

      Senator Dianne Feinstein attacks
      Civil Liberties!

      Protest this attack against foreign students.
      Tuesday, October 2nd
      5 p.m. at
      Dianne Feinstein's office
      One Post Street, Suite 2450
      San Francisco
      (at Post and Market, near
      Street BART station)


      Feinstein wants to introduce a bill that would ban all new visas for international students for 6 months! This would affect over 100,000 students. Feinstein is also proposing to impose a “tracking” system to force those in the country to report periodically to the FBI and other law enforcement agencies.

      Call Dianne Feinstein's office to express your opposition: (415) 393-0707 or directly to her legislative staff: Camille Camacho and Lavita Strickland: (202) 224-3841.

      Organized by the Berkeley Stop the War Coalition. For more information, please call (510) 649-1887 or email hglaphat@...

      Thursday, October 4


      General Meeting of the



      Proposed Agenda:


      Educational: Immigrant Rights Under attack (20 minutes)

      Organization of upcoming eve nts:

      SF Town Hall Teach-In – October 7

      Immigrant Pride Day 2001 – October 13

      Mass Demo and Rally Against War and Hate – October 20

      Brief Committee Reports


      7pm, 1187 Franklin @Geary



      Saturday, October 6


      Immigrant Pride Day 2001



      People urgently needed for security, outreach, tabling.


      Come and help spread the word about the campaign for No Scapegoating of Arabs and Muslims! Defend Immigrant Rights! No to Feinstein’s Attacks against Foreign Students! Amnesty for ALL Undocumented Immigrants!


      Meeting Place: Instituto Familiar de La Raza, 2919 Mission Street (Between 25th and 26th Streets) – San Francisco


      Saturday, October 6 – 4 PM

      For more information: (415) 452-9992

      Or progress@...


      Endorsed by over 100 political, community and immigrant rights organizations and the UC Berkeley Antiwar Coalition and the SF Town Hall Committee Against War and Hate.


      Sunday, October 7




      The Town Hall Committee to Stop War and Hate presents:


      The Case Against the War: What the Media Doesn't Tell You


      This educational forum will feature a series of speakers, with ample

      time for questions and answers between each one.


      Sunday, October 7th, 4:30pm at Mission High School Auditorium 3750 18th at Dolores in San Francisco, four blocks from 16th Street BART



      _ Alexander Cockburn, commentator for Counterpunch,

      on the history of the U.S. in the region

      _ Tania Farzana, Director of DYAAR Afghan Children


      _ Eyad Kishawi, American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC-SF) _ Representative from the 911 Solidarity Committee _ Christian Parenti, Journalist, on threats to civil liberties _ Joel Beinin, Professor of Middle Eastern History at Stanford, on the geopolitics of the region _ Special Musical Guest: Utah Phillips


      Call 415-337-5113 or visit http://911peace.net for info.




      Defend Arab and Muslims against Scapegoating!

      Amnesty for ALL Undocumented Immigrants!


      March: 12 Noon – 24th and Mission to Dolores Park

      Rally and Music Festival / Booths: 1:30 PM – Dolores Park


      For Information, Volunteer or Endorsement:


      (415) 452-9992


      Participant / Endorsing Organizations: Organized by Movimiento por los Derechos de los Inmigrantes – Immigrant Rights Movement (MDI); sponsored by the Chinese Progressive Association (CPA), the SF Immigrant Rights Commission and the Northern California Coalition for Immigrant Rights (NCCIR), and officially endorsed by the Labor Immigrant Organizing Network (LION), a coalition of Labor Councils and unions interested in organizing immigrants to defend their rights in the workplace. Other endorsers of this action include: Interfaith Coalition for Immigrant Rights; Vietnamese Residents Association; Organizing Institute, AFL-CIO; New Mission News Newspaper; Socialist Alternative; Progressive Left; Instituto Familiar de La Raza; Centro Laboral de La Raza; HERE, Local 2; Pilipinos for Affirmative Action; CARECEN; Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts; W.O.M.A.N, Inc.; Community United Against Violence; Asian Women Shelter; SF Frontlines Newspaper, Mujeres Unidas y Activas; Danza Xitlalli; Danza Azteca Mixcoatl Anahuac; National Lawyers Guild; Rainforest Action Network; La Raza Information Center; Arriba Juntos; San Francisco Women Against Rape; Filipino Task Force on AIDS; Asian Law Caucus; International Wages for Housework Campaign; City College of San Francisco - Mission Campus; Aguilas; Mission Agenda; Horizons Unlimited; La Casa de los Jóvenes; Latino Behavioral Health Planning Committee; International Longshore and Warehouse Union, NCDC; Queer Latino/a Arts Organization; Children of Lesbians and Gays Everywhere; Concordia Seminar; Office & Professional Employees Local 3; SF Labor Council; Tom Ammiano, President, Board of Supervisors; Matt Gonzalez, Supervisor; UC Berkeley Coalition Against War, and others.




      Saturday, October 20


      11 AM



      Organized by: SF Town Hall Committee Against War and Hate


      November 10 and 11th, 2001



      West Coast Conference for Campus-based Antiwar Coalitions

      WHERE:  UC Berkeley


      California Schools Against War is sponsoring this conference, as well as the

      UC Berkeley Stop the War Coalition.  California Schools Against War was formed

      on September 29th at a multi-campus meeting at UC Berkeley, attended by

      antiwar coalitions and activists from 20+ campuses all throughout the state. 

      We hope to have over 100 campuses from all across the West Coast attend the

      November 10 and 11th conference.  To be informed of updates and further

      information about the conference, contact StopTheWarConference@...


      This is going to be big and productive!


      Help us to make this Calendar the best possible.  Send complete information of your eve nt to: Frontlines




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