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Press Release: MUD, Willie and Burton

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    June 11, 2001 For Immediate Release Contact: Carlos Petroni, Progressive Left (415) 452-9992 progress@ix.netcom.com PROGRESSIVE LEFT CALLS FOR WORKERS AND
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      June 11, 2001
      For Immediate Release

      Contact: Carlos Petroni, Progressive Left (415) 452-9992

      Slate of Candidates for the MUD Board will Fight for Public Power
      Controlled and Managed by Workers and Consumers

      The Progressive Left and its member organizations have supported and
      campaigned for the idea of public power for over ten years. Our
      candidates for different City offices in 1996, 1998 and 2000 ran on a
      platform for public power. We also support and will campaign hard
      for the MUD proposal on the local ballot for the November, 2001

      Many politicians of the local political machine –like Mayor Willie
      Brown and State Senator John Burton –have been in bed with the
      utility companies (particularly PG&E) for years. Under pressure from
      a public outraged at the energy crisis, the increase in rates and the
      threats of rolling blackouts, they are now coming in support of
      public power.

      State Senator John Burton was instrumental in granting California
      Governor Gray Davis the legislation necessary to bailout both PG&E
      and Southern Cal Edison to the tune of billions of dollars. Willie
      tried by all means to put alternative "public power" proposals on the
      same ballot. Burton is now appearing on the MUD kickoff campaign
      press conference supporting it. Burton and Willie's plans are not
      hard to guess. Unable to oppose it they are now trying to control it
      by running candidates for the MUD board that will cozy up with PG&E
      and try to give them the best deal possible.

      The Progressive Left candidates for the MUD Board differ with other
      reformers of the energy industry, like anti-union Bay Guardian Editor
      Bruce Brugman and former Supervisor Angela Alioto in that we advocate:

      a) Public Ownership of both gas and electricity production sources,
      distribution grids and retail operations.
      b) We are against paying PG&E any compensation for losing the usage
      of SF-owned electricity and paying low royalties for their
      distribution in the City. Decades of uncontrolled and exorbitant
      profits at the expense of working class consumers make compensation
      not only unnecessary but unfair to the public.
      c) We are not about to vote for Public Power only to turn it over to
      the same politicians of the Republican and Democratic Parties that
      brought us the energy crisis in the first place.

      Public Power in the hands of politicians in the pocket of PG&E and
      the big utilities will change little.


      The PROGRESSIVE LEFT is a coalition of Labor, Immigrant and community
      activists, Greens, Socialists, environmentalists and others who are
      dedicated to social justice and independent, working class political
      action and politics.
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