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Theater in the East Bay: "AQUI...NO PASA NADA!" / FYI

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  • Carlos Petroni
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    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 21, 2011

    Teatro Irrupción Social




    “¡Aquí… no pasa nada!”


    Entre la risa, la tragedia, la realidad y la fantasía, vemos cómo un suceso (el ataque a las Torres Gemelas) provoca reacciones muy distintas en los sectores sociales. Desde los conservadores hasta los críticos, pasando por los absurdos y los miedosos, todos reunidos en esta especie de circo social. ¿Por qué hacemos la guerra? ¿Por qué estamos en guerra? o es que ¿Aquí no pasa nada?


    Cuándo: jueves 24 de Febrero y viernes 04 de marzo,

    Dónde: La Peña de Berkeley

    Hora: 8 PM

    Entrada: $10 general


    ¡Impulsando el Teatro en Español! ¡PASA LA VOZ!

    Website: http://www.lapena.org/calendar
    Email: clauarroyo@...
    Phone: 415-946 9910
    Contact: Claudia Arroyo


    The Mission-based theater troupe Social Irruption presents an original collective creation, Spanish language work entitled, Aqui no pasa nada (“Everything’s Just Fine”). The group will perform this play at La Peña, Thursday February 24th and Friday March 04th. 2011, at 8 pm each evening.

    Social Irruption frames Aqui no pasa nada this way: “Between laughter and tragedy, the real and the imagined, people continue to grapple for meaning in the post-9/11 world. Meanwhile, on the streets of America… everything’s just fine and dandy? Aqui no pasa nada posits the question: “Which will win? Indifference and hatred, or is there a force that has the power to break the apathy that drowns out our ability to respond?”

    Social Irruption was formed by veteran, Mission-based actors. Most troupe members are immigrants to the US-from Germany, Guatemala, and Mexico-and thus thrive on their diverse training backgrounds and life experiences. The group collectively writes and performs their works in Spanish and entertains themes of immigration, war, economic inequality, gender relations and racism.

    Through the presentation of Aqui no pasa nada, Social Irruption hopes to revive a latent activist-theater project in the Bay Area, designed to inspire reflection on current social realities and inspire action for social change. The group have performed at 2010 San Francisco Theater Festival, they presented in Arizona during the massive march of May 2010,  they performed at the “Problema #1070 event, a night of
    skits and spoken word performances organized in response to the implementation of the SB 1070 law in Arizona and they had the premiere of this exciting play in the Mission Cultural Center for three consecutive days, 9-11 September 2010.

    ACTING: Claudia Arroyo, Erwin Cox, Berta Hernández, Camila Hernández, Patricia Fernández, Madelaine Pérez, José Rodriguez, Roxane Rozzo, Klaus Uelebacker   SOUND AND MULTIMEDIA: Diana Montaño DIRECTION:  Erwin Cox


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