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Proposition D - EVENT IN SAN FRANCISCO 10/9 - Please come and help

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  • Carlos Petroni
    Friends,   We invite you to participate in the YES on Proposition D campaign that will be on the ballot for the San Francisco city elections in November. This
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 6, 2010
      We invite you to participate in the YES on Proposition D campaign that
      will be on the ballot for the San Francisco city elections in
      November. This proposition would extend the right to vote in School
      Board Elections to all San Francisco parents, regardless of their
      immigration status. This proposition has been presented by David Chiu,
      the president of the Board of Supervisors, with the support of other
      supervisors like David Campos and John Ávalos. Many organizations and
      groups have endorced Proposition D including teachers unions and Board
      of Education of San Francisco.
      Come to the campaign mobilization event on
      October 9th from 4-6pm at
      the Mission Cultural Center!
      There will be performances, speakers, children's activities,
      refreshments and opportunities to sign up to volunteer!
      Many of you know that the same proposition was on the ballot in the
      2004 elections, supported by Matt González, who was at that time a
      member of the Board of Supervisors. In 2004 the proposition was
      supported by many activist and San Francisco residents, and it lost by
      only a tiny margin.
      A similar proposition was presented in 2000, by the MDI- Movimiento
      por los Derechos de los Inmigrantes, to extend the right to vote to
      all San Francisco residents in all municipal elections regardless of
      immigration status. At that time, the MDI was brought to court by city
      of San Francisco lawyers on the grounds that this proposition was
      We have struggled for many years against attacks and for full rights
      for our communities. The recent attacks in Arizona, the increasing
      militarization of the border, massive deportations, and the lack of
      clarity about the possible immigration reform, have put us constantly
      on the defensive. Now is the moment to organize our communities and
      rebuild alliances on local, state and federal levels.
      Proposition D gives us the opportunity to work in that direction. In
      the current moment, where attacks against workers and immigrants are
      spreading across the country, the passing of a proposition like
      Proposition D that defends the political rights of workers, documented
      and undocumented, would be a huge triumph in this anti-immigrant
      atmosphere and would bring hope and energy to our communities.
      We have less than four weeks until Election Day. We invite you to
      participate with our campaign in the few weeks we have left.
      On the weekends we will be distributing campaign materials in various
      precincts in San Francisco. We will also be doing phone banking. If
      you want to participate please contact Claudia at (415) 946-9910 or

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