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Argentina's unpunished state terrorism (Conference in San Francisco, USA)

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  • Carlos Petroni
    The Left Party Presents PUBLIC FORUM Argentina’s Unpunished state terrorism THE CRIMES OF THE TRIPLE A   (ARGENTINEAN ANTICOMUNIST ALLIANCE)   Presentation
    Message 1 of 1 , May 5, 2009

      The Left Party



      Argentina’s Unpunished state terrorism





      Presentation by Carlos Petroni, former editor of San Francisco Frontlines and plaintiff/witness in the case against state terrorism


      Over 1,500 people were murdered, kidnapped and disappeared in Argentina between 1973 and 1976 for their political beliefs and activism. Right-wing paramilitaries under the then-Peronist governments attacked union meetings, kidnapped people, and murdered hundreds of student, union and community leaders, often displaying the butchered bodies of their victims as warnings.


      That was the precursor to the state terrorism that later unfolded into the so-called “Dirty War,” the most brutal of the Latin American dictatorships. The crimes were officially declared ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ in 2006. After 30 years, some of those responsible are finally being brought to trial.


      The process is hindered by the fact that many of the murderers today hold high-level positions as government officials, university authorities and prominent trade union leaders. Threats, slander campaigns and money are used to scare off and intimidate witnesses.


      The District Attorney, surviving witnesses and others are fighting to move this case forward. One government witness went missing; others have been attacked publicly or have had their lives or their families’ lives threatened, and some are now in protective custody of the courts.


      One of the key witnesses in this court case, and a survivor of three assassination attempts, is Carlos Petroni, well known in the Bay Area as the former editor of Frontlines newspaper, a popular left progressive paper in the 90s.  He is making a presentation about the case and those responsible for the murders, including present day political figures and tradeunionist leaders in Argentina , including the present day general secretary of the CGT (General Confederation of Workers), Hugo Moyano.


      The presentation will include photographs, evidence and a shocking account of the crimes committed by the death squads known as the Triple A (Argentinean Anticommunist Alliance).

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