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Sign the petition: Argentina, Crimes of Triple A, Crimes Against Humanity

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  • Carlos Petroni
    Please sign online, circulate, forward International Campaign: Crimes of the Triple A, Crimes against Humanity Petition to the Argentine Justice • Petition
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2007
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      Please sign online, circulate, forward

      International Campaign: Crimes of the Triple A, Crimes against Humanity

      Petition to the Argentine Justice
      • Petition to prosecute and punish the crimes committed by the Triple A

      Whereas, in the period between 1973 and 1976 in the Argentine Republic, the Argentine Anticommunist Alliance (Triple A) was an organized paramilitary organization supported and armed by the state and governments of the time which operated against organizations of the left, union activists, civil rights activists and dissident sectors of Peronism.
      Whereas the Triple A committed crimes against humanity before the military dictatorship of 1976, including kidnapping, torture and assassination, and after the coup de état the majority of its members joined the Task Groups (death squads created by the military government) to continue to execute their crimes.
      Whereas, the CNU – an organization that would later become part of the Triple A —participated directly as an aggressor in the Ezeiza Massacre of June 20, 1973 and had earlier been found guilty of the 1971 murder of assassinating Silvia Filler, an architecture student.
      Whereas the Triple A and the Task Groups of the military dictatorship murdered the lawyers representing Silvia Filler, other wounded students, and the witnesses to the case.
      Whereas, in May 1974, the Triple A participated as an aggressor in the Pacheco Massacre;
      Whereas, the Triple A claimed responsibility for the murder of the leftist Peronist Senator Ortega Peña after his public statements naming General Perón as the person responsible for these crimes.
      Whereas, the Triple A was directly connected to José López Rega, Minister of Social Welfare of the government of General Perón and later cabinet member of the government of Isabel Perón.
      Whereas, the Triple A systematically attacked the independent union movement with gangster-like violent methods which resulted in attacks, kidnapping and murder against hundreds of leftist union shop stewards and leaders, including Agustín Tosco, Raymundo Ongaro Piccinini, René Salamanca, Jaime and others.
      Whereas, upon the creation of a democratic regime in Argentina in 1982 and over the demands for punishment for those responsible for crimes during the Dirty War, the government of Raúl Alfonsín issued the Punto Final Law, which allowed hundreds of assassins and repressors to continue in full enjoyment of their positions in the army and the police.
      Whereas, when the trials against those who committed crimes against humanity during the dictatorship were reopened, Julio López, a witness for the prosecution against the genocidal criminal Etchecolatz, disappeared days after his 2006 court deposition and to this day is still disappeared.
      Whereas, after the 2007 Spanish government’s court cases against Isabel Perón, right-wing Peronist union and political leaders have issued statements supporting and justifying the actions of the Triple A and threatening plaintiffs and witnesses in the case.
      We, the undersigned, demand,
      That the government of Argentina guarantee the personal safety of all the plaintiffs and witnesses in the Case against the Triple A and its crimes against humanity.
      That Julio López be found.
      That all those who participated in the military dictatorship or in the Triple A be purged from the armed forces and the police, publicly named as participants in crimes against humanity and tried in a court of law.
      That all those with direct or indirect ties to members or actions of the Triple A or the Task Groups both before and during the military dictatorship be summoned to testify.
      And furthermore,
      We declare our solidarity with the witnesses and plaintiffs, and our support for their case against the Triple A, and
      We call on social organizations and human rights advocates both in Argentina and internationally to be part of the effort to defend the plaintiffs and witnesses in the case against the Triple A from threats and actions that compromise their safety.
      Campaign: Crimes of the Triple A, Crimes against Humanity

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