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1491Amaranto Fall Film Series! Thursday, October 17, OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA

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  • Federico Fernandez
    Oct 13, 2013
    Left Party is proud to present--
    Amaranto Fall Film Series!
    Come join us for the next educational and inspiring evening of FREE REVOLUTIONARY FILMS hosted by the wonderful folks at Sustaining Ourselves Locally (SOL), a queer and trans people-of-color co-operative.

    A documentary about the late President of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, and the impacts of U.S. imperialism on global struggles. With a guest talk & analysis by Carlos "Beto" Estrada

    LOCATION: 1236 23rd ave., Oakland, CA 94606, (half a block from International Blvd.)
    Please click here to see a google map for this address

    * * *

    Daily we are sedated.

    Daily we are deceived.
    Daily we are lulled, titillated, distracted.

    It is hard to find the time to study history. Let alone revolutionary history, which might give us some insight into a way out of this habituated nightmare of no job, no money, better not break your arm, better not get another parking ticket, better not piss off your manager, landlord, teacher, or that cop in the BART station.

    Better not stick your neck out demanding dignity, pressing forward toward a world where the plenty, the plenty, the plenty is made real, the plenty belongs to the masses, not the masters, and even more than *belonging* to us, it is our gift and miracle to care for, together. A far cry from the chronic insecurity, deadly indifference, or ruthless belligerence of a racist, sexist, capitalist nightmare — the waking terror of hunger, toxic food, mass imprisonment, and jobs either (1) nowhere to be found, or (2) vampirically draining our life-force, so that by day's end, our minds are almost too tired to let us look — really look — into the eyes of our partner, child, parent, friend, and really listen to them.

    Daily we are sedated by exhaustion, anxiety, media bleeding with sensationalist anecdotes, rarely showing us a larger picture.

    We hope that this film series can break our sedation, even a little, by reminding us what revolutionary organizing can look like. Inspiring us to rebuild and strengthen the autonomous, deeply rebellious, working-class organizations our radical ancestors created.

    We sit in front of so many screens, uncritically consuming the barrage of images and stories that make up the fabric of this collective nightmare, reinforcing our greatest fears: that we are, in fact, helpless. Unable to prevent what has been set in motion. That we do not have control over the well-being of our own communities, of our world.

    Our media, which has the potential to be one of our greatest tools for sharpening and clarifying our understanding of the world around us, has in fact dulled our imagination.

    That's why it's time for a different kind of movie night! 

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