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Please Help! No Website Using FrontPage 2002

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  • daybrezze39
    I have been using FP 2002 for about 3 weeks and still haven t got my website published to my host. I hope you can help me with my problem,I m going to explain
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 7, 2002
      I have been using FP 2002 for about 3 weeks and still haven't got my
      website published to my host. I hope you can help me with my
      problem,I'm going to explain step by step what I do,hope someone can
      help me out.

      1.I pull down file and click on open,and a box pops up and I pick the
      file named star.htm and open it to FP.

      2.I edit all I want on this page and I go back up to file,and choose
      Preview and then I click Publish Web.

      3.I go through all the publishing windows (user name,password etc.)
      and then FP says my site has been published.

      4.I go check on the internet hrs. later and I don't see none of my
      Please Help and Thank You so much for all your help!
      PLEASE NOTE:When I type in my address in FP as follows
      http://www.webhosting599.com,FP changes it to ftp:// at the begaining
      of the desitation address.
    • Tina Clarke
      ... From: daybrezze39 To: Sent: Wednesday, August 07, 2002 2:50 PM Subject: [FrontPageUsers] Please
      Message 2 of 2 , Aug 7, 2002
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        FrontPage 2002

        Hi Dana...

        You need to make a web first.. it sounds like your just
        making a page....There is a getting started tutorial in the
        fp help check that out...

        to make a web.

        Get started creating web sites
        A web site consists of a home page connected to other files
        by hyperlinks. A web site can be disk-based or server-based.

        In Microsoft FrontPage, on the File menu, point to New, and
        then click Page or Web.
        In the New task pane, under New from Template, click Web
        Site Templates.
        Click One Page Web, and then in the Specify the location of
        the new web box, type a path on your hard drive.
        The path should be typed in the following format: C:\My

        Click OK.

        From Page view, make sure the Folder List is showing.

        On the View menu, click Folder List.
        In the Folder List, select Default.htm , which is the home
        page for your web site, and then click Preview in Browser.

        Personalize the page by typing in your own content, and then
        click Save .
        Click Preview in Browser .
        The home page appears in the Web browser.

        To publish

        After getting a web site account, have the URL (HTTP
        location) at hand for publishing

        On the File menu, click Publish Web.
        In the Publish Destination dialog box, type the location of
        a Web server.
        Click OK.
        Specify the pages you want to publish.

        In the Publish Web dialog box, click Options in the lower
        left corner.
        Click the Publish tab, and do one or more of the following:
        Under Publish, specify whether you want to publish only
        pages that have changed, or all pages.
        Under Changes, specify how you want Microsoft FrontPage to
        determine what pages have been changed.
        If you want to create a log file for changes made during
        publishing, select that check box.
        Click OK.
        Click Publish.
        Important When you publish to the Internet, any content
        you have added to your web site becomes visible to the
        public on the World Wide Web.


        If you want to verify that your web site was successfully
        published, click the hyperlink that is displayed after the
        web site has been published — your Web browser will open to
        the site you just published.
        If you cancel publishing in the middle of the operation,
        files that have already been published remain on the
        destination Web server

        hth Tina

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