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Re: [Friesland-genealogy] Kamstra-Bangma (very short)

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  • Onno Elgersma
    Christina, The name of the small town about 4 km south of Sneek is in Dutch IJlst and in Frisian Drylts . There is no reason to spell IJlst as Ylst , why
    Message 1 of 7 , Apr 4, 2002
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      The name of the small town about 4 km south of Sneek is in Dutch "IJlst" and
      in Frisian "Drylts". There is no reason to spell "IJlst" as "Ylst", why
      should a Dutch name be spelled according to Frisian spelling rules? This
      would be as wrong as spelling Drylts as Drielts, using the Dutch spelling
      rules for a Frisian word. Realize also that changing the spelling of your
      maiden name from IJlst into Ylst changes also the pronunciation and Ylst has
      nothing to do with that small town south of Sneek.


      Onno Elgersma
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      By the way my maiden name is Ylst or IJlst, my father was born in de Lemmer.
      I still do not know the original spelling of my maiden name. I always
      thought it was IJlst but ac
      cording to some of the messages I have read the Friese spelling is Ylst.
      Possibly someone who knows can advise me!
      Christina Sigman

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