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Boonstra - Haxta

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  • Michel Dalstra
    Dear all, I saw that my message to Arlene de Boer on her Boonstra ancestors triggered quite some reactions. Especially my remark on that beheaded Frisian
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 3, 2000
      Dear all,

      I saw that my message to Arlene de Boer on her Boonstra ancestors triggered quite
      some reactions. Especially my remark on that beheaded Frisian nobleman must have
      been intriguing for a number of you. So, I decided to post this little note. It
      shows the connection from Pieter Eises Boonstra to his x-times-great-grandfather
      Evert Sjoerdts Haxta (Haagstra). The latter was as a young man involved in a
      pub-brawl in Roordahuisen in 1617, where in the heat of the fight he actually killed
      an opponent with a knife. He fled from his home and managed to live years in
      obscurity in Nes (on the Island of Ameland), in Blija and in Oostermeer. However, in
      the early 1630's this sin-of-his-youth caught up with him and he was arrested, tried
      before the Hof van Friesland and subsequently sentenced to death. But because he
      belonged to the nobility, he "was priviliged" to be beheaded rather than to be sent
      to the gallows, like "the common criminals". And actually, because he had always
      lived a good life since, his family was allowed to bury his body properly straight
      after the execution, rather than it was put on public display. For his noble
      descendent, we must go back to his maternal grandmother, Tjamck Gaeles van Heslinga,
      who was a daughter of Gaele Jarichs Haagstra van Heslinga and Lutske Sjoerdts van

      I hope this has satisfied your curiosity and I wish you all a nice weekend,
      Michel Dalstra
      Højbjerg, Denmark

      PS: It turned out that Arlene's Boonstra-ancestors are actually different ones: they
      originate from Boornbergum and not from Siegerswoude/Ureterp.

      I Pieter Eises Boonstra, born in Siegerswoude on March 15, 1762,
      christened in Ureterp, died in Siegerswoude on November 29, 1842.
      He was married in Siegerswoude on May 15, 1791 to Grietje Jans,
      born in Ureterp in October 1764, christened there on January 9,
      1765, died in the year 1798, daughter of Jan Jansens and Janke

      II Wytske Sweitses, born in Ureterp circa 1730, died in Siegerswoude
      on February 4, 1806.
      She was married in Ureterp on May 12, 1761 to Eise Pieters
      Boonstra, christened in Oldeboorn on January 29, 1736, died in
      Siegerswoude on July 29, 1821, son of Pieter Heeres and Wimke

      III Taetske Reinders, christened in Drachten on July 17, 1707.
      She was married in Drachten circa 1726 (1) to Sweitse Lenses,
      christened in Ureterp on February 2, 1696, died circa 1735, son of
      Lense Jans and Wytscke Sweitses.
      She had a relation (2) with Pyter Beniers, christened in Drachten
      on September 8, 1709, died there circa 1745, son of Binnier Gerrits
      Offringa and Gertje Sytses.
      She was married in Duurswoude on April 10, 1746 (3) to Halbe
      Tjeerds, christened in Duurswoude on December 31, 1724, died in
      Bakkeveen in the year 1791 or 1792, son of Tjeerdt Halbes and
      Foekjen Douwes.

      IV Reinder Ynses, christened in Ureterp on September 28, 1684, died in
      Bakkeveen after 1750.
      He entered a notice of marriage in Ureterp in April 1706 and was
      married in Drachten in October 1706 to Aaltje Romkes, christened in
      Opeinde on December 5, 1686, daughter of Romke Hoekes and Trijntje

      V Taetske Alles, born in Oostermeer circa 1655, christened there on
      September 4, 1674, died in Noorder Drachten after 1738.
      She was married in Drachten circa 1675 to Ynse Reinders, born in
      Grouw circa 1652, died in Noorder Drachten between 1723 and 1727,
      son of Reinder Lieuwes and Jetske Hendricks.

      VI Ipck Everts Haxta, born in Blija circa 1625, died in Zuider
      Drachten between 1680 and 1684.
      She entered a notice of marriage in Garijp on March 26, 1654 to
      Alle Wierdts, born in Garijp circa 1623, died in Oostermeer before
      1674, son of Wierdt Hedserts and Rintske Aebeles.

      VII Evert Sjoerdts Haxta, born in Terzool circa 1595, executed in
      Leeuwarden on February 16, 1633.
      He was married in Trijnwouden circa 1623 (1) to Sijntje Wopckes,
      born in Oostermeer circa 1600, died there before 1628, daughter of
      Wopcke Hylckes and Neeltje Aedes.
      He was married in Oostermeer circa 1628 (2) to Jantje Jans, born in
      Oostermeer (?) circa 1603, died in Oostermeer after 1639.
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