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Re: [Friesland-genealogy] Re: Re: Diefstal van gegevens (Philip van Gelderen)

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  • Hans & Rinske Van Brederode
    Hello Trudy, Point taken. Thanks Rinske
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2000
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      Hello Trudy,
      Point taken. Thanks

      Trudy & Rod Bray wrote:

      > Hi Rinske,
      > I have seen the signatures of my forebears many times and have not had
      > to go to the Netherlands to see them. They are available very cheaply at
      > the nearest LDS family history centre, on films made of the original
      > documents in Friesland.
      > The reason there are so many mistakes in the pedigrees and Ancestral
      > files is because many of these are submitted by people who cannot be
      > bothered to do their own research. They cobble together whatever they
      > can find without checking for accuracy and pass it on again.
      > One of the most blatant examples that I've run into is that of Samuel
      > Drake who went to the American Colonies with his brother and father,
      > John, in the early 1600s. They lived at Windson CT but Samuel later
      > moved to Fairfield CT. The Ancestral File has reams and reams of
      > submitters who all agree that Samuel was born in 1585 in Fairfield CT!
      > That would have been a fair trick! They've all copied the same mistake
      > and passed it on as their work.
      > People who take other people's work and pass it off as their own without
      > acknowledgement or verifying for accuracy do other genealogists a
      > disservice and add to the mistrust that already exists between people.
      > I believe that as genealogists we have a responsibility to give credit
      > where credit is due, to make sure our work is as accurate as we can make
      > it and to extend to each other the courtesy we would wish to be shown
      > ourselves.
      > If a person finds a website with information that adds to their own
      > genealogy then, irrespective of the legality, if the website carries a
      > copyright it is a good indication that the website owner does not wish
      > h/er information to be taken without permission. This alone would
      > suggest to an aware person that the website owner should, at the very
      > least, be contacted before the published information was transported to
      > another website. It is called courtesy and decency.
      > Trudy
      > > Hallo MVG?
      > >
      > > Aha, nu weet it waarom er zoveel vouten zijn in de data bij de Mormonen.
      > > Wat zijn julie toch gelukig dat je 1/ dicht bij de archiven wonen, en 2/ de
      > > tijd heb om leker in die oude stukken de data en zelfs handtekening van de
      > > voorouders te zien. (Er zijn ook mensen die nog werken en/of te veer weg
      > > wonen voor deze luxe).
      > > Dat mis ik, en daar krijg ik de tranen in de ogen van. Dat reisje naar
      > > Nederland eens in de twee jaar levert niet veel tijd voor genealogies
      > > onderzoek. Dus, tot mijn groote spijt ben ik niet een ECHTE genealoog aleen
      > > maar een internet genealoog.
      > > En zonder de hulp van veel mensen in deze group zou ik heelemaal vast sitten
      > > met mijn onderzoek.
      > > Met vriendelijke groet,
      > >
      > > Rinske van Brederode-van der Veen
      > > Barrie, Ontario, Canada
      > > p.s. Grow up!
      > >
      > > j_g44@... wrote:
      > --
      > **********************************
      > 'Click' to protect the rainforest:
      > Make the Rainforest Site your homepage!
      > http://www.therainforestsite.com/
      > **********************************
      > Genealogy yn Fryslân: http://members1.chello.nl/~a.stienstra/frgen/
      > of: http://go.to/frgen .
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