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Re: [Friesland-genealogy] Visser in Vlieland

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  • Bert de Boer
    Dear Anthony, I checked the Doopboek Oost-Vlieland 1696-1746 and Doopboek Oost-Vlieland 1746-1812 without success. I will keep your request for information
    Message 1 of 3 , May 18, 2004
      Dear Anthony,

      I checked the 'Doopboek Oost-Vlieland 1696-1746 and 'Doopboek Oost-Vlieland
      1746-1812' without success.
      I will keep your request for information in my system.


      Bert de Boer

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      From: "Anthony Hofstee" <ahofstee@...>
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      Sent: Friday, May 07, 2004 4:23 AM
      Subject: [Friesland-genealogy] Visser in Vlieland

      Anyone have information on the birth/baptism of Nitte (Nutte, Nette)
      Tjeerds Visser and of his wife Ulke (Eelke) Volkerts. Nitte died in
      Vlieland on 27-9-1826, born about 1738. It is possible that both Nitte and
      Ulke are doopsgezind since I could not find any record of their baptism in
      the NHK records of Oost-Vlieland. Children in order of baptism are Klaaske
      (1765), Volkert (1767), Martje (1769), Jitske (1772), Aaltje (1775), Tjeerd
      (1778), Fytje and Tryntje (1782) and Ietje (Itske)(1784). Nitte and Ulke
      married in Oost-Vlieland on 24-6-1764, beyde van hier. Tony
      A. Hofstee, St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada
      Dutch or English

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