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RE: [Friesland-genealogy] Re: Van PRINCES/PRINCIS/PRINTZEN - Amsterdam 1600

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  • f.h.koerten
    In mijn familie komen veel Canadeese Leenstra s voor. Interesse ? f.h.koerten@hccnet.nl ... Van: MJL6T6@aol.com
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      In mijn familie komen veel Canadeese Leenstra's voor. Interesse ?
      f.h.koerten@... <mailto:f.h.koerten@...>

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      Verzonden: zondag 11 augustus 2002 21:38
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      Onderwerp: [Friesland-genealogy] Re: Van PRINCES/PRINCIS/PRINTZEN -
      Amsterdam 1600

      Date: Wed, 03 Apr 2002 19:42:55 -0000
      From: "annemarthsterringa" <asterringa@...>
      Subject: Re: Van PRINCES/PRINCIS/PRINTZEN - Amsterdam 1600

      Dear Mary Jane Leenstra,
      After searching for "Penelope Amsterdam" in Google and finding at
      least four hits with the same story you wrote to our group, I was
      hoping to find some clue in the Amsterdam archive but I'm afraid I
      have no or little news for you.
      No Penelope was ever baptised in Amsterdam: it was / is highly
      unusual here to name your baby after deities or others from Greek
      Around 1600 no Kents or Lents living in Amsterdam. There were a few
      families by the name of Prins and Prince though but no minister was
      mentioned. Do you suppose they were English puritan refugees? Their
      books might not even be in the municipal archive.
      I've also looked for the Frisian name Leenstra, sorry, nothing.
      Have you tried the Benelux Genealogygroup yet?

      Good luck,
      Annemarth Sterringa

      Thank you for trying to help, Annemarth. There was a question as to whether
      Penelope's father was a Dutch or English minister so he could possibly be a
      English puritan refugee. I'll have to check that out.
      I do subscribe to the Benelux Genealogy group but haven't ahd any luck there
      either. I did find another Leenstra researcher/descendant but
      we have not found a common ancestor yet. Thanks again. Mary Jane

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