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Re: [Friesland-genealogy] FW: 1800's spelling revision?

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  • Nynke van den Hooven
    Dear Mr. Aardsma, I m not aware of any spelling revision in the Netherlands in the early 1800 s. But there are several possibillities for the spellingchanges
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      Dear Mr. Aardsma,

      I'm not aware of any spelling revision in the Netherlands in the early 1800's.
      But there are several possibillities for the spellingchanges in names of people and places in the early nineteenth century.
      First: there was no standard for the spelling of names.
      Secondly many people were illiterate, so in those cases, when registering a familyname in 1811 (as all Dutch were ordered to) the recordist was the one who decided on the spelling.
      For Frisians however, there was a third reason. Although having their own laguage and spelling, Frisian names were mostly translated into Dutch and registered "the Dutch way". E.g. the name "de Vries" (Dutch spelling) was registered for many people in 1811, but it is very likely that it was meant as "de Fries" (Frisian spelling), which means "the Frisian", but only in a limited number of cases it was actually written as "de Fries". I can't imagine why the founders of the settlement Vriesland chose to use th Dutch spelling, as I recall they were all Frisians themselves (lead by the Rev. Marten Anne Ypma from Minnertsga and his wife Jetske van der Tol.). As they were part of a much larger (Dutch) group that emigrated to that area of Michigan for religious reasons, perhaps the Dutch spiritual leaders (the Rev. van Raalte being one of them) had chosen the names for those settlements and therefore used the Dutch spelling.

      The Aartsma - Aardsma change is caused, I think, by a spelling mistake. The "sound" of the name doesn't change whether you us a -d or a -t.

      With kind regards,
      Nynke van den Hooven,
      Koudekerke, Zeeland, Netherlands, not MI :-)

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      Subject: [Friesland-genealogy] FW: Spelling revision in the 1800's

      Het onderstaande bericht werd mij vandaag toegestuurd. Als iemand hier een
      antwoord op heeft, stuur dan ook even een rechtstreeks bericht aan de
      afzender. Zijn/haar emailadres vind je hieronder.

      Andrys Stienstra
      (LET OP: dit is dus géén vraag van mij persoonlijk, ik geef hem alleen maar

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      Onderwerp: Spelling revision in the 1800's

      Dear Sirs:

      Does anyone have any information on a spelling revision that took place in
      the early 1800's? I know that it affected Fryslan because the Frisian
      community in western Michigan got the name of "Vriesland" instead of
      "Friesland". Also, my family name left Fryslan with the spelling of
      "Aardsma" instead of "Aartsma".

      Was this the "Nederduits" spelling revision?

      Best wishes

      W. Aardsma
      Kansas City, Missouri


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