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9692John DeYoung "DeYoung Dollar" Japan 2000

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  • rreeves90004
    May 1, 2002
      I would like to contact John De Young who posted to the web site
      http://www.drf.nl/freescap/gast2000.htm from Japan in 2000. The
      e-mail address he gave was is6j-dyng@... but that link is

      He and my wife are second cousins.

      If you know him, please ask him to respond to this message.

      This is what he posted:
      Date: Sun, 20 Aug 2000 23:30:38 +0900
      From: DEYOUNG is6j-dyng@...
      Subject: The importance of putting things in writing


      It certainly should be clear to anyone who is reading anything on this
      excellent website, how important it is to write and pass on family
      details (however mundane they may seem at the moment). I feel lucky
      in that my grandfather at least began writing his life story before
      he died, and thus I have some idea about which area of Friesland he
      originated from, the names of his sisters and childhood friends, etc.

      I don't have this book in front of me as I type this, but if anyone is
      interested, I am willing to share many of the details.


      John DeYoung
      (currently living in Japan)

      Date: Sun, 20 Aug 2000 23:10:58 +0900
      From: DEYOUNG is6j-dyng@...
      Subject: DeYoung Dollar

      This may seem like a really strange request, but I am looking to make
      contact with other DeYoungs who are familiar with the fabled "DeYoung
      Dollar." Please contact me, John DeYoung, at
      is6j-dyng@... if you have any knowledge on this matter.

      What a wonderful, truely helpful website!

      Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2000 11:39:32 +0900
      From: DEYOUNG is6j-dyng@...
      Subject: RE: DeYoung Dollar and Other Stuff

      Greetings Maarten,

      Thank you for your note regarding the "DeYoung Dollar." I have also
      assembled the following in response to someone else's question. If
      you would like to include it on your site, you may do so. Again, I
      would welcome contact by potential friends and relatives at:

      I only have a little bit of information about my grandfather (Gerrit
      deJong) who came to the Paterson/Preakness, NJ area from Friesland in
      the early part of the 20th Century, sailing on the SS Niew Amsterdam,
      March 13,1909. My grandfather (Gerrit de Jong) was thoughtful enough
      to begin writing a book for his grandchildren, before he died. My
      mother typeset and printed copies of his book(let) for all of my
      brothers and sisters, and while we're not sure of some of the
      spellings, this at least gives us SOME idea about some of our
      beginnings and relations. Some of the names & places in our booklet

      MY Great-Great Grandfather:
      >Gake de Jong of Oosterlittens, Friesland
      >Durkje de Jong nee Koopmans

      MY Great-Grandfather:
      >Jan de Jong from Oosterlittens, Friesland (b.August 8, 1864)
      > siblings of Jan: Gerrit, Willem, Kietze, Sjoerlje
      >Grietje Bergsma (married Jan de Jong)
      >Durkje de Jong (b. November 28, 1889, Dronaup, Friesland)
      >Harm de Jong (b. May 18, 1892, Drachten, Friesland)

      MY Grandfather: Gerrit de Jong (b. August 17, 1894, on the Zuider Zee,
      registered at Zwolle, Overysel)
      >Dutch East Indian Expeditionary Forces
      >Jan Uden
      >Ale and Kinke Zwerver
      >Mr. Krooder
      >Rika (or Rikie) Krooder
      >Rooie Fitch (married Jan Uden)
      >Jopie Bonzama (sp?)
      >Barelt (or Bault) Visser
      >Benes (a baker by trade)
      >Willem Jr. (from the East Indies)
      >Ralf (or Ralph) Bruten
      >Mrs. Wolders
      >Mr. Baas (teacher)
      >Mr. Scholte
      >Mr. van den Berg
      >Zwarte Piet
      >Mr. Koos
      >Mr. Jacob Van Dyken
      >IN AMERICA:
      >Maria De Marteleera (sp?) from Belgium, enroute to St. Louis, MO
      >Mr. Snyder (of Glen Rock, NJ)
      >Nicholson File Co.
      >Miss. McFarland (McFarland Nursery & Greenhouse, Paterson, NJ)
      >Johnny Van Dyken (son of Jacob Van Dyken and Durkje (de Jong) Van
      >Grace Van Dyken (b. 1915, daughter of Jacob and Durkje)
      >Grace Shell nee de Jong (daughter of Harm de Jong (Gerrit's brother)
      and Margie
      >(Haakmeester) de Jong)
      >Trina DeYoung (daughter of Harm and Margie de Jong)
      >John DeYoung (son of Herman (Harm) and Margie de Jong)
      >Jean DeYoung (daughter of Herman (Harm) and Margie de Jong)
      >Howard Stagg
      >Mr. & Mrs. Kazinek
      >Mr. & Mrs. Haessner (of Passiac, NJ)
      >Glen Rock, NJ
      >Ridgewood, NJ
      >Paterson, NJ
      >Zwolle, Overysel
      >Westerhaven, Groningen
      >Lissabon Steeg
      >Cafe de Adelaar
      >SS Niew Amsterdam, March 13, 1909

      This is about everything, except for the personal linking details (the
      story of their lives). Let me know if you can suggest any overlapping
      resources.Thank you,
      John DeYoung