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88Re: Militaire dienst

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  • Lex Bennink
    Aug 5, 1999
      Hi Dorothy,

      Indeed everyone (males that is) got an enlisting number for his military
      service obligation. Nowadays obligation for military service no longer
      exists in the Netherlands. The number was issued to a person in the year of
      his eightteenth birthday as he was medically checked out. Normally one was
      called for military service in the year after (so the year of ones
      nineteenth birthday) unless due to study or other special circumstances some
      postponing was granted on request. Everybody had to do service except those
      found unsuitable for service by the medical check. Sometimes there were to
      many men and only then some were put free from service by way of a lottery
      system or even a whole birthyear was set free (I think all men born in 1958
      didn't do service, because they got plenty soldiers in 1977).

      In former days a man had to show he had done his military service (in dutch:
      "voldaan aan de nationale militie") before he got permission to marry, for
      this reason it was mentioned in older marriage certificates. Nowadays (read
      after 1950) that is no longer necessary.

      I don't know the complete rules in former years, the above were the rules
      from approximately 1950 up untill the late 80's.

      Hope this helps you a little, Ciao from the Netherlands, Lex

      -----Oorspronkelijk bericht-----
      Van: Dorothy and Nick Dahm <dndahm@...>
      Aan: Friesland-genealogy@onelist.com <Friesland-genealogy@onelist.com>
      Datum: donderdag 5 augustus 1999 23:23
      Onderwerp: Re: [Friesland-genealogy] Militaire dienst

      >From: "Dorothy and Nick Dahm" <dndahm@...>
      >I too have noticed on some of the marriage records, reference to military
      >service. I notice that each person is assigned a number. Did they use
      >type of a lottery system, where if your number was drawn then you were
      >obliged to go into the service or not, as the case may be?
      >Dorothy Dahm
      >Sorry for the English. With some help from my husband I am able to read
      >most messages but can not write in Dutch.
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