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7860Re: [Friesland-genealogy] Kardinal Johannes de Jong

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  • Anja van Steel
    Feb 27, 2002
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      Many thanks for your information/links - I have sent it to my father who
      is much better at Dutch than me. I will see how he is at translating it
      for me.

      I have spoken with Tineke Borsch before - they are professional
      genealogists and want money for any information they give. Whilst I do
      not object paying for research documents and photographs, my belief is
      that genealogists should share their knowledge in the hope of finding
      out about their ancestors. When we are in a different country 1/2 way
      across the world it is difficult. On many occasions I have done work
      for others and have never accepted payment regardless if they are linked
      to me or not. (Enough of my complaint)

      Again I thank you for your time and efforts and look forward to hearing
      from anyone else who may have information on my mothers Uncle.

      Anja van Steel
      (Dutch by birth)

      Ron Boef wrote:

      > Sorry, I should have be more careful with the hyperlinks to avoid
      > errors:
      > * http://www.ameland.nl/wetenswaardigheden/vvvnlkdj.html
      > * http://www.ryksargyf.org/
      > * http://www.leidenuniv.nl/host/mnl/mnl/levens/56-57/jong.htm
      > * http://www.kardinaaldejongschool.nl/
      > * http://www.scouting-utrecht.nl/groepen/utrecht/kardinaal_de_jong.htm
      > Ron
      > Ron Boef wrote:
      >> Dear Anja,
      >>Jan de Jong (his name was officialy Jan not Johannes) was born Sept.
      >>1885 in Nes, Ameland and died Sept. 8 1955 in Amersfoort. Jan was a
      >>of Jan Jans de Jong and Trijntje Jans Mosterman. Jan's vader Jan de
      >>sr. was a baker and was nicknamed 'Jan de Bakker'. (see
      >>Jan de Jong sr. and Trijntje Mosterman got married in Nes on Sept. 7
      >>1884 (see http://www.ryksargyf.org).
      >>De Jong became priest in 1908 and studied in Rome 1908-1911. From
      >>1914-1935 he was professor on the Seminarium of Rijsenburg. In 1936 he
      >>became 'coadjutor' of archbishop Jansen from Utrecht. From 1936 till
      >>1951 De Jong was archbishop of Utrecht.
      >>More biographical information (in Dutch) can be found on
      >>In Nes there's not only a statue of Jan de Jong, but also a school
      >>that's named after him (http://www.kardinaaldejongschool.nl/). In
      >>Utrecht there's a scoutinggroup Kardinaal de Jong
      >>You can find a 'Kardinaal de Jongweg' in Utrecht and Nes.
      >>If you want to know more about the De Jong family, maybe you can
      >>Pieter Jan and Tineke Borsch
      >>(http://www.ameland.nl/wetenswaardigheden/vvvukgen.html , in
      >>Ron Boef
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