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561VAN DER PLOEG (Wanswerd, Buitenpost, Ferwerd, Nes)

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  • Yntze van der Honing
    Feb 1, 2000
      At 10:02 PM 1/31/00 -0500, you wrote:
      >Hello Yntze,
      >I found your website while conducting an internet search seeking
      >information on my ancestors, the Vander Ploeg family, who are from
      >Friesland. I will be travelling from the United States to Friesland in
      >late March and I would like to visit the sites of the homes where my
      >grandfather, Peter (Pieter) and great-grandfather John (Jan) lived in
      >Wanswerd, Buitenpost, Ferwerd and Nes. Who would be the appropriate
      >persons or government agencies to contact for this information?
      >Thank you for your help.
      >Ed VanderPloeg
      Dear Mr. VanderPloeg,

      Locating the sites of private homes in small villages is very difficult,
      but it can be done. Ideally, you should find a local resident or a
      genealogist who has researched the Van der Ploeg family and who can tell
      you exactly where they were living at the time. Otherwise, you might want
      to contact the Kadaster (land records office) for the villages you are
      looking for, assuming that your ancestors owned property. Since your time
      frame is rather tight, the best way is to simply travel to these villages
      and ask some local resident where your Van der Ploeg ancestors may have lived.

      I am forwarding this message to some other genealogists as well.


      Yntze van der Honing