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  • Nynke van den Hooven
    Jan 14, 2013

      And a correction.

      Charles Vandergoot’s father-in-law was Gerrit Steenstra from Idskenhuizen,
      married to Pietertje Postma from Teroele.

      And so Pearl Stienstra Meeker is in fact Piertje Steenstra, born 5 April
      1888 in Sloten. Her sister Agnes Went was probably born as Okje Steenstra
      and sister Rose must have been Rinske Steenstra….


      Nynke van den Hooven.

      Van: Friesland-genealogy@yahoogroups.com
      [mailto:Friesland-genealogy@yahoogroups.com] Namens Nynke van den Hooven
      Verzonden: maandag 14 januari 2013 23:26
      Aan: Friesland-genealogy@yahoogroups.com
      Onderwerp: RE: [Friesland-genealogy] Oeds van der Goot


      Ik heb een beetje rondgekeken en het volgende gevonden (voorlopig

      Een en ander maar direct in het Engels, dat scheelt weer vertaalwerk.

      Rinze en Johanna kregen overigens (minimaal) 12 kinderen…..:

      On 13 June 1886 Rinze van der Goot, 20 yrs old, born in Balk, municipality
      of Gaasterland, son of Johannes Ykes van der Goot and Jeltje Rinzes
      Wagenaar married Johanna Peekes Hofman, 21 years old, born in Sloten.
      daughter of Peeke Tjeerds Hofman and Durkje Meinderts Heerkes.

      Rinze died on 8 May 1945 in Sneek, Johanna died 26 August 1942 in Sloten.

      1. Durkje, born 12 March 1884, recognized in 1886 (at her parents
      marriage), she married twice (1) 23 nov 1911 (to Jacob Geert van der Kerk,
      who died on 10 January 1917) and (2) 9 dec 1920 (to Stoffel Koopmans) , some
      offspring on internet!

      2. Johannes, born 14 December 1886 (worked in a wood mill, was drafted
      for military service on 12 December 1905. No further information found (so

      3. Peeke, born 25 April 1888. He married Jetske Leentjes on 14
      November 1912 in Sloten. Was drafted for military service and was enlisted
      on 11 March 1908 (5th Reg. Infantry). Peeke died on 20 March 1978 in Sloten.
      Jetske died on 9 August 1987 in Sneek.

      4. Jeltje, born 25 February 1890, married 26-year old Gerardus
      Johannes de Boer, son of Reyer de Boer and Wilhelmina (maiden name unknown)
      on 14 Oct 1915 in Cuyahoga Co., OH. Found her in the 1930 census as Jean
      Deboer with husband Gerardus and sons Ralph E. (12) and Gerald J. (6),
      living in Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., OH.

      5. Tjeerd, born 14 December 1891, drafted for military service on 21
      Oct 1910; enlisted on 17 May 1911 (5th Reg. Infantry). Listed as a deserter
      on 09 Dec 1915 for not responding when called upon for a tour of duty.
      Probably because he was in the US! On 7 May 1913 Tjeerd arrives in New York
      on board the “Noordam”. He is on his way to brother Oeds v.d. Goot in
      Chicago (719 Staller Str?). Tjeerd later changed his name to Charles
      Vandergoot. On 21 November 1919 he married 30-year old (divorced) Pearl
      Meeker née Stienstra, daughter of Gerhard Stienstra and Pieternella Postma,
      in Cuyahuga County, OH. According to the 1920 census Charles immigrated in
      1913. In 1920 the couple is living in Cleveland, Cuyahuga Co., OH with son
      George who is 3 yrs and 8 mnths old. In 1940 Pearl VanDergoot is living with
      the family of her sister Agnes in Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., OH, as does her
      sister Rose Steenstra. Charles Vandergoot died in October 1968 in Saint
      Petersburg, Pinellas Co., FL.

      6. Oeds, born 7 Jan 1894 (In time he will be Edward John Matthews).
      Oeds, 17-year old carpenter, arrived in New York on 27 March 1911 on board
      the “Nieuw Amsterdam”. He seems to be travelling with another 17-year old
      carpenter by the name of Atte Bouma. Oeds’ final destination is friend P.
      Verbeek, living on 10635 Mich. Ave., Chicago, IL. This P. Verbeek may have
      been related to Atte Bouma. I also found a passport application for Edward N
      (?). Vander, born in Sloten , Fr. on January 7, 1894, son of R. VanderGoot.
      The part regarding immigration (date, port of entry etc) is not filled in.
      However, it is stated that Edward resided outside the US from 4 April 1921
      to 15 August 1921. His permanent residence in the US is Washington, D.C.,
      where he is a student. His last passport was obtained on 8 March 1921, but
      was cancelled. Edward is about to leave the US and intends to return within
      4 months. He will be leaving from the port of New York on board the "Nieuw
      Amsterdam" on 2 June 1923 and is planning visits to Great Brtian, Spain,
      France, Belgium and the Netherlands. Description of applicant on the
      backside of the same document, including picture! Passport was issued 24 May

      7. Foukjen, born 10 March 1896,

      8. Tjepkje, born 18 December 1897

      9. Wiebren, born 22 December 1900, died 14 March 1906

      10. Johanna, born 29 April 1902,

      11. stillborn boy, 11 May1904

      12. Wiebren, born appr 1907. He died 31 dec 1912, 5 years old.

      I have downloaded both Oeds van der Goot’s passport application as well as
      the 1911 passenger list of the “Nieuw Amsterdam” he is listed on.

      Met vriendelijke groet,

      Nynke van den Hoven.

      Van: Friesland-genealogy@yahoogroups.com
      <mailto:Friesland-genealogy%40yahoogroups.com> ] Namens Fons Baede
      Verzonden: maandag 14 januari 2013 14:36
      Aan: Friesland-genealogy@yahoogroups.com
      Onderwerp: [Friesland-genealogy] Oeds van der Goot

      Beste lijstgenoten,

      Van een vriend in de VS ontving ik een verzoek om informatie over het gezin
      Van der Goot-Hofman in Sloten, dat als volgt was samengesteld:

      Children born in Sloten from Rinze van der Goot and Johanna Hofman include:

      -) Durkje 12 March 1884 (recognized in 1886, she married twice (1) 23 nov
      1911 and (2) 9 dec 1920) , some offspring on internet!

      -) Johannes 14 December 1886,

      -) Peeke 25 April 1888 (he married in 1912),

      -) Oeds 7 Jan 1894 (In time he will be Edward John Matthews)

      -) Foukjen 10 March 1896,

      -) Wiebren 22 December 1900 (he died 31 dec 1912),

      -) Johanna 29 April 1902,

      -) stillborn child 11 May1904

      Het verzoek om informatie gaat vooral over het vierde kind Oeds. Hij ligt
      als Edward John Matthews begraven op de beroemde begraafplaats Arlington bij
      Washington DC, omdat hij in WO-I heeft meegevochten in het Amerikaanse leger
      in Europa.
      Kent iemand dit gezin en heeft hij/zij meer informatie, i.h.b. over de
      emigratie van Oeds. De BS-gegevens zijn wel bekeken maar het
      Bevolkingsregister van Sloten is op dit moment niet te raadplegen wegens
      verhuizing van Balk naar Joure. Enige suggesties?

      Met dank en groet,

      Fons Baede, Amsterdam

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