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  • Dirk Weidema
    Oct 29, 2011
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      Hy everyone,

      I joined the group since yesterday and would like to find one particular person:

      "Huite Weidema" born 09-07-1890 at Wonseradeel left Holland 18-03-1911.
      Port of Departure: Rotterdam
      Ship of Travel: Nieuw Amsterdam.
      Port of Arrival: Ellis Island
      Date of arrival at Ellis Island Mar. 27, 1911
      Manifest Line Number 0030
      His destination was: Howarden - Iowa

      I have tried to find him with "Ancester Search" etc etc. without any result.
      Maybe one of the group can help me to find him or relatives.
      Thanks in advance.

      Bovendien ben ik op zoek naar documenten waaruit de relatie blijkt tussen:
      Ruurd Douwes (Weidema) en Maeijke Feddes.
      Gehuwd 29-11-1691 te Hantum
      Zij hadden (voor zover ik heb kunnen vinden) 2 kinderen t.w.

      Ave 24-03-1695 en
      Fedde Ruurds 27-02-1707
      Best regards, Dirk Weidema

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