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51135RE: [Friesland-genealogy] Re: Jan Jans & Marijke Theunis

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  • Nynke van den Hooven
    Dec 8, 2010
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      Hi Tanya,

      You're welcome!

      The informants of Marijke's death stated that her parents were Teunis
      Hendricks and Femmetie Wessels. These informants were Sybren Jans, laborer
      and Durk Jans van Dijk, carpenter, both living in Mirns & Bakhuizen.
      Unfortunately the certificate doens't say how old they were and what their
      relationship to the deceased was. But since Marijke died at a high age, it's
      quite possible that they didn't know the exact names of Marijke's parents,
      but just had some faint idea. Which could result in incorrect combinations
      of correct names :-). It's certain her dad was a Teunis, but was his wife's
      name Femmetie, or did the informants mix up his patronym and made that the
      name of his wife? There's no child with that name, but then again, that
      child could have died before 1811..

      But you're right, judging by the names of Marijke's children it's quite
      possible that her parents were Theunis Hendriks and Geertruyd Jans (Trui or
      Truike is short for Geertruyd.) But then where would the name Femmetie
      Wessels have sprung from..? Maybe the informants just didn't have a clue
      about Marijke's mom and just mentioned a name.?

      I found the marriage of Teunis Femmes and Tjem Martens in the pre 1811
      database on www.Tresoar.nl <http://www.tresoar.nl/> .

      It's listed on the following webpage (among other very nice stuff):


      Kind regards

      Nynke van den Hooven


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      Onderwerp: [Friesland-genealogy] Re: Jan Jans & Marijke Theunis

      PS The information regarding Marijke's parents is interesting...
      Being that she was born around 1729 I'd rule out Teunis Hendricks and Maria
      Harmens - but Teunis Hendriks from Wyckel and Geertuyd Jans Slijchuys might
      be a match. I also think that Teunis Hendricks and Femmetie Wessels could
      indeed be the parents as well but am unsure where you found Teunis Femmes
      afkomstig van Wyckel and Tjem Martens afkomstig van Nijemirdum...

      Thanks again :)

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