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50282Jan Pieters Terpstra and Saapke Jans Boersma

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  • boaz_06479
    Jul 17, 2010
      Thank you for all the information on the Terpstra and Boersma family. We are planning a Terpstra family reunion next year in Wisconsin and I need all the information I can get.

      I have a few questions? Would I be able to find my ancestors gravesite if I were to go over there?

      Would they have records of their land or where they lived? How far do the records go back on the families?

      Did they speak the Dutch language also back then?

      What main religion back in the 1800, Catholic or Protestant? You said some of the children were baptized, to what religion?

      I must still have distant relatives still living over in Friesland.

      Thanks, Charlene Herrmann
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