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48314RE: [Friesland-genealogy] Hein Jaarsma, Gerlof Bajema & Sjoukje

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  • Nynke van den Hooven
    Aug 31, 2009
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      It’s possible that Gerlof bought (or inherited) the motorbike and therefore
      registered it to his name after Hein had died.

      Ymker de féarts is Ymker, the veterinarian.

      According to the book Koudum fan doe en nou, Koudum 1978, side 168 (Koudum
      then and now, published Koudum 1978, page 168) by G. Koopmans the second
      picture is one of the vet Dr. Ymker. But according to another entry it’s
      possible that Mr. Koopmans (the author of the book) got the wrong data from
      the owner of the picture or that Jaarsma bought the motorbike previously
      owned by Dr. Ymker…..

      Cause of death is not registered in Dutch death certificates. According to
      the death announcement in the Leeuwarder Courant Hein died in the
      Diaconessenhuis (a hospital) in Amsterdam after “painful suffering”.

      According to notarial archives Sjoukje Klazes Bajema bought a house in
      Koudum in December 1913.

      In January 1914 she (and Wiebe Durks Jaarsma) sold several lots of land in

      In 1928 Wiebe D. Jaarsma and Gerritje Klijnstra are celebrating their 50th
      wedding anniversary. In the announcement in the Leeuwarder Courant Sjoukje
      is listed as the widow H. Jaarsma-Bajema. Sjoukje didn’t remarry. Sjoukje is
      also referred to as the widow H. Jaarsma-Bajema in Wiebe D. Jaarsma’s death
      announcement in the Leeuwarder Courant in October 1939.

      It seems to me she never left Koudum.

      According to a marriage announcement in the Leeuwarder Courant, Hitje
      Jaarsma married Kornelis T. Boonstra on 23-05-1929

      According to a death announcement in the Leeuwarder Courant, Cornelis Tjerks
      Boonstra died in California in June 1972 at the age of 83.

      That would have been the following Kornelis:

      Geboorteakte Baarderadeel, 1889
      Aangiftedatum 29 mei 1889, akte nr. 79
      Kornelis Boonstra, geboren 28 mei 1889
      Zoon van Tjerk Kornelis Boonstra en Akke Hendriks Palsma


      California Death Index:

      Name: Corneliu T Boonstra

      Social Security #: 556528866

      Sex: MALE

      Birth Date: 28 May 1889

      Birthplace: Netherlands

      Death Date: 14 Jun 1972

      Death Place: Los Angeles

      Apparently Kornelis had lived in America prior to his marriage to Hitje,
      because I found his Naturalisation record dated June 1st, 1918. Born in

      And yes, also an immigration record: Kornelis arrived in New York aboard the
      Noordam on March 2, 1909, on his way to Springfield South Dakota where a
      Palsma uncle lived.

      Cornelis draft registration card for WWI was drawn up in Bon Homme, South

      According to the SSDI Hattie Boonstra (Hitje Jaarsma) died in La Palma,
      Orange Co., CA on 24 Jan 1997.

      Then I found Thitje (34), Cornelius (50), Sjoukje (5) and Akke (10 months)
      Boonstra aboard the Excalibur, arriving in New York on 15 May 1940. They
      embarked at Genoa in Italy on 2 May 1940. Cornelius is described as husband
      accompanying alien wife. For the girls no entries have been made reg place
      of birth; they’re accompanying their alien mother :-), whose last place of
      residence was Roordahuizum. As address of nearest relative in “country
      whence alien came” the following entry is listed: Mrs. J.S. Jaarsma (mother)
      Koudum, Holland. The party is on its way to 3923 Spencer St., Torrance,

      On 18 Sept 1953 a Boonstra party consisting of Peter, Tedde, Anna and Hattie
      Boonstra arrive in New York aboard a KLM aircraft on their way to Los
      Angeles from there.

      Apparently Sjoukje and Gerlof were halfbrother and –sister? I found a death
      announcement for the widow of Gerlof K. Bajema. According to her death
      announcement in the Leeuwarder Courant Gerlof died on 22 Jan 1971; Magdalena
      Giesing, his widow, died in November 1973 in Beetgumermolen. They apparently
      had one daughter living in The Hague at that time.

      Nothing on Gerritje Jaarsma other then her birth on 4 Jan 1907 in Koudum.

      Kind regards,

      Nynke van den Hooven.


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      Verzonden: maandag 31 augustus 2009 2:34
      Aan: Friesland-genealogy@yahoogroups.com
      Onderwerp: [Friesland-genealogy] Hein Jaarsma, Gerlof Bajema & Sjoukje

      I have discovered two pictures on Tresoar that may be of my ancestors. Here
      is the story:

      http://www2. <http://www2.tresoar.nl/kentekens/?t=0&nummer=678>

      Hein Jaarsma (b. 26 March 1880) married Sjoukje Klazes Bajema (b. 2 June
      1881) who was the sister of Gerlof Bajema (b. 18 June 1895). Hein died on 4
      August 1913 in Amsterdam, leaving his wife and possibly two living children.
      This was after Hein and Sjoukje had lost three children at birth in short

      Information I have has Hein's daughter Hitje Jaarsma born 27 Nov 1905 in
      Kodum and death in 1975 in California, USA. I have no other information for
      her. I have no death record for Sjoukje or Gerlof at this time. I have no
      immigration records.

      After Heins death in 1913 his brother in law, Gerlof, registered the
      motorcycle. I do not know who "Ymker de féarts" mentioned on Tresoar would
      be. I can not identify who is in the above two pictures with certainty. Hein
      was 33 when he died while Gerlof is 15 years younger.

      I would like to know if there is a way of knowing the cause of death for
      Hein in 1913 and if there is a census placing Sjoukje and Gerlof in the same
      house after Hein's death and who might have immigrated and when to the USA.

      John Bajema

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