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42524Re: Translation help requested

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  • donnmein
    Feb 5, 2008
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      Thanks for everyone's help on the requested translation; I received
      three different versions (below) but I get the idea. Anyone know what
      a garrison would have been doing in Enschede in about 1785? Having
      spent hours looking at Tresoar and other sites, I will say that I'm
      picking up on some Dutch. Dank u wel.

      --A copy of the announcement of the marriage is sent to Enschede,
      Arend Leussink was a soldier in a regiment of Here Generaal of
      Monster, he marries to Hermina Meussink who lives in Enschede. The
      residence of the regiment was also Enschede.

      --The License of intent to marry was registered on Nov 12, 1785 in
      Enschede. Arend Leussink,young man and soldier in the regiment of the
      Honourable General van Monster, stationed in the garrison te Enschede,
      intends to marry Hermina Meussink young lady from Enschede.

      --1785, November 12: publication of the banns in Enschede (provided
      extract to Enschede on the 10th of December) Arend Leussink, young man,
      former soldier in the regiment of Mr. General Van Monster, having been
      in local garrison with Hermina Meussink, young lady from Enschede.
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