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  • ecjcf
    Nov 3, 2007

      I've come to a brick wall with my post ancestors.

      I have Herman Post (born in America)
      son of William Post (possibly born in America)married to Hermina
      Marie Seif.

      William is the son of Guassa Post who married Lukie Van Buren, they
      had 4 children born before they left for America.
      I have 3 possible names for the children, Klara, Andrew, Lena

      Guassa's second wife Lucy Vander Werf( Lutske van der Werff parents
      are John vander werf and Wijke Wijkstra) was born in NL as well.

      Guassa's parents are Johanas Post and Klara de Jong

      Other than lucy van der werf, I have been unable to find any of the
      Post side in NL. Which is where I have been told they come from.

      I have tried genlias and tresoar without success.
      If anyone has suggestions or information I would appreciate it,
      Thanks, Christie
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