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  • Ernst-Jan Munnik
    May 4, 2007
      Hi Marianne and Tjerk,

      One of my own ancestors, Rigtstje Hendriks Riem (1819-1888), also originates
      from the Riem family of Harlingen. She possibly was the sister of Pieter
      Hendriks Riem, born about 1815, the grandfather of your great-grandfather.
      See my information below.

      Kind regards,

      Ernst-Jan Munnik

      Genealogy of Christiaan Riem

      I. Christiaan Riem, born in Buschwiller near Strasbourg in the small,
      German speaking Eastern part of France, died at see 1765.
      His son with an unnamed heathan woman from the West-African “Gold
      Coast” (the coastal area of Ghana):
      Pieter, see II.

      II. Pieter Christiaans Riem, born about 1758, baptised Harlingen
      (Lutheran church) 6 july 1766 (about 8 years old; witness: Aggie Pieter,
      from Sexbierum), died or burried Harlingen 29 september 1808 (50 years old,
      leaving his wife and four children behind).

      The baptismal record of 1766 states:
      “Pieter Riem, about 8 years old, brought here from the Gold Coast of Africa,
      his father was Christiaan Riem from Buscwijler near Strassburg, lutheran,
      who died the year before (= 1765) on a returning Dutch ship called “De
      Guinesche Velvaart" (= “The Guinean Prosperity”). The mother was a heathan
      who died about four years ago (= 1762) on the Guinean coast. Aggie Pieters
      from Sexbierum (= a village near Harlingen), bootsman (“boatsman”, a
      non-commissioned officer on a trade ship, in charge of the sailors and
      novices) on the above mentioned ship and witness to this baptism, and
      curator of the boy according to the last will and testament of the late
      (Translated from the Dutch original on
      http://www.kleinekerkstraat.nl/frames.php3?cat=h&page=bewoners&lett=R :
      "Pieter Riem, ruim 8 jaar oud volgens gissinge, zijnde van de Goudkuste van
      Afrika herwaarts gebracht, de Vader was Christiaan Riem uit Buscwijler bij
      Strassburg en Lutherse zijnde 't jaar tevoren overleden op een herwaarts
      komend Hollands schip genaamt "De Guinesche Velvaart". De moeder was eene
      Heidinne op de kust van Guinée voor vier jaaren na gissinge overleden.
      Hebbende Aggie Pieters van Sexbierum en bootsman van 't voornoemde schip als
      Getuige van deze gedoopten geweest en als curator over den selven volgens
      Testament van den overleden Vader".)

      Pieter Christiaans Riem married Harlingen 25 april 1779 to Gerritje
      Lases, born Harlingen 1749 (source: her death certificate; her parents not
      mentioned there), in 1819 present as a witness at her daughter Hinke’s
      marriage, died Harlingen 2 april 1819, daughter of Lase N.N. and N.N.
      From this marriage:
      1. Hinke Pieters Riem, born Harlingen 2 november 1780, baptised
      Harlingen (Grote kerk) 21 november 1780, died before february 1786.
      2. Christiaan Pieters Riem, born Harlingen 7 march 1782, baptised
      Harlingen (Grote kerk) 26 march 1782, died after 29 september 1808.
      3. Hendrik Pieters Riem, born Harlingen 17 may 1784, see III.
      4. Hinke Pieters Riem, born Harlingen 22 february 1786, baptised
      Harlingen (Grote kerk) 14 march 1786, died before january 1788.
      5. Hinke Pieters Riem, born Harlingen 24 january 1788, baptised
      Harlingen (Grote kerk) 12 february 1788, no occupation (1819, 1833), died
      Harlingen 4 october 1833, married Harlingen 17 january 1819 to Karst Thomas’
      van der Meulen, born Harlingen 1796, pottery maker's man (1819), labourer
      (1833, 1834), peat porter (1848), died Harlingen 23 january 1848, son of
      Thomas Karstens and Rinske Simons; he remarried Sipkje Folkerts Bakker
      (widow of his brother-in-law Hendrik Pieters Riem).
      6. Hitje Pieters Riem, born Harlingen 12 july 1792, baptised Harlingen
      (Grote kerk) 1 july 1792.

      III. Hendrik Pieters Riem, born Harlingen 17 may 1784, baptised
      Harlingen (Westerkerk) 6 june 1784, labourer (1813, 1826), died Harlingen 18
      august 1826, married Harlingen 10 june 1813 to Sipkje Folkerts Bakker, born
      Harlingen 13 july 1785, baptised Harlingen (Grote kerk) 26 july 1785,
      maid-servant (1813), no occupation (1826, 1834, 1843, 1848, 1859), died
      Harlingen 26 december 1859, daughter of Folkert Jeens (or Jennes) [Bakker]
      en Rigtje Wytses; she remarried Karst Thomas’ van der Meulen (widower of her
      sister-in-law Hinke Pieters Riem).
      From this marriage:
      1. Pieter Hendriks Riem, born Harlingen 6 april 1814. Possibly
      identical to the Pieter Hendriks Riem mentioned on Tjerk Tigchelaar’s
      website, who was born about 1815 and married to Agnietje Piers van Arum, the
      grandparents of your great-grandfather Pieter, born 1862.
      2. Christiaan Hendriks Riem, born Harlingen 16 february 1816.
      3. Rigtstje Hendriks Riem, born Harlingen 8 august 1819, no occupation
      (1843, 1844, 1865), died Harlingen 28 june 1888, married Harlingen 21
      december 1843 Jacob Keijser, born Harlingen 29 november 1819, blacksmith’s
      assistant (1843), blacksmith (1844), died Harlingen 25 october 1860, son of
      Gerrit Gerrits Keyzer and Marijke Jacobs de Vries.

      From: "Marianne Campbell" <mcampbe0@...>
      Reply-To: Friesland-genealogy@yahoogroups.com
      To: Friesland-genealogy@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: Re: [Friesland-genealogy] Riem Family
      Date: Thu, 3 May 2007 15:14:09 -0400

      Hi Tjerk:
      You hit the nail right on the head. This is definetely my family. My
      grandfather was born July 3rd, 1896. I thank you so very much. My father is
      going to be flabbergasted when I tell him what you found out for me.
      Thanks so much and I am looking forward to your email after next Tuesday.
      When I was eighteen (more years than I would like to remember) I went to the
      Kermus in Leeuwarden and had a great time.

      Marianne Campbell, PMP
      Desktop Support & Communications
      Productivity & Support Services
      15th Floor, Metro Hall
      55 John Street
      Toronto, ON
      M5V 3C6
      (416) 338-1242

      >>>tjerk@... 5/3/2007 2:54 PM >>>

      >Sorry it is the last name my great grandfather's first name was Pieter Riem
      >and his son was Jacobus Riem.

      Hi Marianne,

      The only Jacobus Riem with a father, named Pieter was born in Harlingen July
      3d 1896. A short overview of his family:

      Pieter Riem married Hiltje Wever 12-20-1888 Harlingen
      Hiltje most probably born 1-25-1865 Harlingen, daughter of Jan Wever and
      Antje de Wit
      From this marriage
      Hendrik, born 6-29-1889 Harlingen
      Jan born 11-9-1890 Harlingen
      Johannes born 2-3-1893 Harlingen
      Johanna born 9-7-1894 Harlingen
      Jacobus born 7-3-1896 Harlingen your grandfather
      Hendrikus born 1-16-1898 Harlingen
      Pieter born 5-27-1899 Harlingen
      Antje born 10-3-1900 Harlingen

      Your great-grandfather most probably born 11-30-1862 in Harlingen was in
      that case a son of Hendrik Riem, born 6-2-1839 and Johanna Bader, born
      2-17-1838. They married in Harlingen 9-17-1863.

      His ancestors and relatives can be found at my website

      From the introduction page please follow the link to the Ti(g)chelaar
      family. In the left panel on that page you can find a lot or Riem relatives.
      I did some basic research on them because they are related by marriage to my
      Ti(g)chelaar relatives.

      Next Tuesday, when I will be in the archives in Leeuwarden, I will check
      whether your great-grandfather really was a son of the above mentioned
      Hendrik Riem and Johanna Bader.

      Truly yours,
      Tjerk Tigchelaar

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