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  • Nynke van den Hooven
    Nov 1, 2006
      Baukje, Femke,

      'Rispinge, alde and nije fersen' (which means Harvest, old and new
      songs/verses) is a book by Pieter Jelles Troelstra, born Leeuwarden 1860, a
      Frisian lawyer and one of the leaders of the Dutch Socialist movement. He
      was one of the founders of the Social Democratic Laborers Party in the

      Met vriendelijke groet,
      Nynke van den Hooven.

      PS Please change the subjectline in a such way that it 'covers' the contents
      when replying to a meeage.

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      Hi, Betsy

      Rispinge is a Frisian word, it means harvest (in Dutch: oogst)

      with kind regards,
      Femke van der Meulen

      betsyagravatt <betsyagravatt@...> wrote:
      Thank you Dankt u and Bedankt I wish I understood Dutch. Does anyone
      know what this title of a book means? RISPINGE the book is written I THINK
      in Dutch.....it mentions Dr. Liutjen (or Lutjen) Wagenaar who married Hiltje
      Hoekstra Hoekstra being my Mother's maiden name. Baukje Berendina Atema