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  • K.v.d.Wal
    Nov 26, 2005
      Hendrikje Jans, died in Noordwolde, was married with Luite Jannis, no
      parents named.

      Antje Luiten Westerbeek: died Noordwolde, married with Klaas Hanzes Veldkamp
      daughter of Luite Johannes and Hendrikje Jans

      Tjibbe IJsbrands de Vries , hovenier, born Arum - died Workum, married Antje
      Lolkes Jorna, son of IJsbrands Heins and Trijntje Jurres

      Jan Jans Westerbeek, shipper, died Noordwolde, born Vledder, married
      Annigjen Stijnen, son of Jan Jakobs and Jantjen nn patronium unknown.

      Hiske Tjebbes de Vries maid, born 25 april, bapt. 09-05-1790 Makkum,
      daughter of Tjebbe IJsbrands de Vries, gardener and Imkje/Emkje Willems, she
      died 23 sept 1808 Bolsward.
      Sybren Sytses Bosma, born 11 october 1784, bapt. 6 augustus 1790 Workum,
      varensgezel, son of Sytse Sybrens (died 9- nov.1808 ) and Tietje Piers

      Best regards Karel

      -------Oorspronkelijk bericht-------

      Van: Anthony Hofstee
      Datum: 11/25/05 03:20:28
      Aan: Friesland
      Onderwerp: [Friesland-genealogy] Queries

      If someone is going to the Friesian archives would they please check
      the following for me. Thanks. Tony
      A. Hofstee, St. Thomas, ON, Canada

      Overlijdensakte Weststellingwerf (mairie Noordwolde), 1813
      Aangiftedatum 26 maart 1813, akte nr. 8
      Hendrikjen Jans, vrouw, overleden 25 maart 1813
      Oud 56 jaar, weduwe

      With whom was she married? Are parents named?

      Overlijdensakte Weststellingwerf, 1834
      Aangiftedatum 7 juli 1834, akte nr. 54
      Antje Luiten Westerbeek, vrouw, overleden 4 juli 1834
      Oud 44 jaar, weduwe

      With whom was she married? Are parents named?

      Overlijdensakte Workum, 1829
      Aangiftedatum 27 april 1829, akte nr. 40
      Tjibbe IJsbrands de Vries, overleden 27 april 1829, oud 77 jaar,

      With whom was she married? Are parents named?

      Overlijdensakte Weststellingwerf, 1821
      Aangiftedatum 27 januari 1821, akte nr. 9
      Jan Jans Westerbeek, man, overleden 26 januari 1821
      Oud 68 jaar, gehuwd

      With whom was he married? Are parents named?

      Huwelijksakte Workum, 1823
      Man: Sybren Sytses Bosma
      Vrouw: Hiske Tjebbes de Vries
      Datum: 1 maart 1823, akte nr. 1

      Please check the trouwbijlagen to see if mother's death date and place is

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