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2801Re: Roorda van Tjummarum

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  • jan.hendriks@chello.nl
    Nov 17, 2000
      Hallo, Matthias,
      Although I cannot help you in answering your questions about the Roorda Family,
      I am very interested in the data of the Haarsma Familiy in your research.
      Can you give me some idea of those Haarsma's?
      regards, Jan Hendriks

      --- In Friesland-genealogy@egroups.com, MCTeichert@a... wrote:
      > Hi,
      > First, I must apologize that I don't speak Nederlands (although I have a
      > limited reading ability of Nederlands and Frysk).
      > The oldest Roorda v. Tjummarum in my Stammboom is:
      > Frans Gosses Roorda, born circa 1305.
      > His children from an unknown woman:
      > - Trijn Franses Roorda, born circa 1332, died in Anjum. She was married to
      > Douwe Sickes Sjaerdema alias Sicke, born in Franeker circa 1328, living
      > there, died there in the year 1416, aged approximately 88 years, son of Sicke
      > Sjaerdema and Edwert ...
      > - Johan Roorda, born circa 1350.
      > I am looking for a few sources (unknown titles) that supposedly trace the
      > Roorda's back until approximately 800 AD. Although the accuracy of this older
      > material is questionable (one source even claims relations to Charlemagne).
      > Do any of you know where I can find these sources or their titles?
      > Unfortunately at the moment I don't have a web site, but here is a partial
      > list of the other surnames in my 'boom'. Not all of my surnames are listed.
      > These names were alphabetized using Microsoft Word so names beginning with
      > prepositions are
      > alphabetized according to the preposition:
      > ab Oenninga, ab Onnama, Aelua, Albada, Alma, Ammama, Andringa, Auckema,
      > Aylva, Beetsius, Bennema, Bockema, Boelema, Bonningha, Bos, Bouma, Brinksma,
      > Buwinga, Cammingha, Camstra, Camstra, de Boer, de Bosch, de Hoog, de Jonge,
      > de Oude, Dekema, Dijkstra, Dopkewitz alias Dopschewijt, Douwama, Edingh,
      > Foppinga, Friesema, Gerbranda, Haarsma, Haersma, Harckama, Harckema, Harinxma
      > Donia, Harinxma thoe Heeg, Harinxma thoe Ijlst, Harinxma thoe Sneek, Harma,
      > Harmsma, Heddinga, Heemstra, Heemstra van Dockum, Heeringa, Hennama,
      > Hettinga, Hoeksma, Hoytsma, Huyningha alias Hingha, Itsma, Jager
      > Jelckama, Jelmera, Jensma, Jongema, Jonker, Jousma, Juwinga, Juwinga van
      > Walta, Juwsma, Kalverboer, Kunst, Lautenbach, Lieuma, Lubbema, Lyuwema,
      > Martena, Minnema, Moerlagh, Moorlag, Moorlagh, Nienhuis, Nieuwenhuis, Obbema,
      > Ockena, Ockingha, Oedzes, Ottema, Pool, Popma, Rinia alias Ringia and Ringe,
      > Roelsma, Roorda, Schenck von Tautenburg zu Tautenburg, Sickingha, Sjaerda,
      > Sjaerdema, Suidel alias Schoedel and Schudel, Tjaarda, Tjaerda, Unia, Walta,
      > van Adelen, van Aebingha, van Dekema, van der Brug, van der Pluim, van der
      > Vennen, van Dijk, van Eminga, van Ewsum, van Juwsma, van Lunia, van Maanen,
      > van Manen, van Ulenburch, van Walta, Wiarda, Wieringen, Wiersma, Woldrinck,
      > Vriezema
      > Inquiries are welcome! Please excuse my English.
      > m v g,
      > Matthias Teichert
      > "Ball ist rund. Spiel dauert neunzig Minuten. Soviel ist schon mal klar.
      > Alles andere ist Theorie. Und ab!" - Sepp Herberger / Schuster, 'Lola Rennt'.
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