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23017Re: [Friesland-genealogy] Naamgewing in Friesland/Nederland

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  • Streekstra
    Nov 9, 2004

      In general quit simpel.

      In Friesland=Patronime =named after the father, in this case the father is Klaas.
      So Klaas-son is Klazes (short for Klaseszn (genativ)i.e zoon is son)
      Gerrit is the son of Reinder (in the early days:Reinderszn.)
      and so on.
      Matronime is to be named after the mother.
      Very generally spoken, this rule is broken in 1811 by a law of Napoleon that says that
      everyone had to to take a surname, but still nowadays, many sons/daughters in Friesland
      and byond have a patr/matronime as middlename.
      This very old system, (dating far back) is still used in Iceland.
      Now, writing this, naming after parents and ancestors before 1811 is following quit strict
      The first son is named (given name)after the father, the second son is named after his
      brother and so on.
      So in your case it is not unlikely that Reinder Klazes father was named Klaas Reinders.(in
      very ealy days, 17th century Reindersz.)
      All the names in a row except, for example, it was not someones turn to be named after but
      he/she died before his/her turn to hold the name in the family.
      So in many cases it seems to be that he son is named after the grandfather.
      Now, by practising genealogy, go for the patronimes.(matronimes).
      This was in short just a bit of help,
      Sincerely yours,
      Peter Nanne Streekstra

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      Subject: [Friesland-genealogy] Naamgewing in Friesland/Nederland

      I am only starting to research my ancestors in Friesland so everything is quite new to me.
      Tresoar.com is giving me a good start, I must add. I have a question, though. I note that
      the middle names of the families that I am researching are usually the same, for example -
      Reinder Klazes Visser and Ybeltje Klazes Visser (brother and sister); Gerrit Reinders
      Visser and Yke Reinders Visser (ditto). Can someone explain the reason for that, please?

      Thank you kindly.

      Reinderd Visser
      South Africa

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