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19735grietje van der bildt

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  • k.v.d.wal
    Feb 28, 2004
      for wilma and others, first the "huwelijkse bijlagen" from that year are one
      number higher So for Douwe Sjoerds Nicolai, born. 23-03-1797 and bapt.
      23-04-1797 Britsum, timmerknecht/carpenter, son of Sjoerd Watzes and Emke
      Douwes, he married 25-05-1820 Leeuwarderadeel, acte 27 Grietje Hendriks van
      der Bildt, maid, born 01-10-1801, bapt. 28-03-1802 Stiens, daughter of
      Hendrik Eises, baker in Stiens and Josina Ritskes.( josina died 19-02-1809)

      Hendriks Eises: he left Stiens for 7 years ( 1813 ?) and nobody did hear of
      him anytime. His parents: Eize Hendriks died 00-08-1811 and Grietje Lieuwes,
      died 1790 both in Sint Annaparochie
      parents of Josina: Ritske Tjammes, died 00-11-1781 and Antje Harmens, died
      hendrik eizes juzina (jusijne) ritskes married in curch Wijns
      Tietjerksteradeel 13-05-1799, both from Wijns
      eise hendriks married church sint annaparochie firt proclamation (?)

      regards kvdw

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