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18563Re: [Friesland-genealogy] Sikma family connection

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  • k.v.d.wal
    Jan 8, 2004
      Marie, first of all do you have family in Heerenveen surr., because there
      are here a lot of Volbeda's. Secondly yes you are right.

      Wessel Jans Sikma, born 21-09-1889 in Sneek, married 17-11-1913 Sneek Anna
      Plantinga. Wessel was son of: Jan Aukes Sikma, born 23-10-1853
      Tietjerksteradeel, died 12-01-1938, old 84 years Sneek, married 20 mai 1883
      Sneek Baukje Bakker, he was son of Auke Jacobs Sikma, born
      21-01-1824Tietjerksteradeel, married 7 febr. 1852 Baukje Jans Duursma, he
      was son of: Jacob Aukes Sikma, born 11-09-1795 Oudkerk, bapt. 11-10-1795
      Oudkerk, died 26-10-1868 Suawoude, married 07-03-1818 Tietjerksteradeel
      Antje Tjallings de Boer, Jacob Aukes was son of Auke Cornelis Sikma and
      Janke Gerbens, he was son of Cornelis Willems and Minke Jacobs, see my
      messages yesterday to Brenda. If you want more details, please connect
      privat karelvdwal@..., groetend of lees je ook nederlands ? Karel

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      From: Friesland-genealogy@yahoogroups.com
      Date: donderdag 8 januari 2004 17:45:41 uur
      To: Friesland-genealogy@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [Friesland-genealogy] Sikma family connection

      Hello Posters regarding the Cornelis Willems Sikma family.

      My husband is related to the Sikma family by way of the marriage of
      his great aunt Anna Plantinga to Wessel Sikma (from Sneek) in 1913.
      I have tentatively connected this branch of the Sikma family to
      Cornelis Willems' branch; but I have no documentation of this. Can
      anyone help me to confirm this connection?

      Thank you for your help, and have a Happy New Year!!


      Marie Volbeda,
      San Diego, California

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