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  • Streekstra
    Dec 16, 2003
      Goedendag Klaas,

      A meyerboer is a farmer=tenant, hiring/lenting mostly from a church or a monastery Some
      farms and real estates in the NW Netherlands were called Altena dereived from low
      (farmer)latin tenere (=to hold)and so on.


      Peter Nanne Streekstra

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      Subject: [Friesland-genealogy] Cornelis Allerts

      After 3 years of searching, I just discovered the place of marriage
      of my direct paternal ancesters, Cornelis Allerts and Antje
      Meinderts, who had their two children, Meindert and Allert, in
      Lemmer, in 1754 & 1755. Cornelis Allerts was a butcher, who
      eventually ended up and died in Workum.

      Through a search of the Ryksarchief, I found that they were married
      in Dokkum on April 8, 1753, in the Hervormde gemeente. I would never
      have guessed that they would have come from the opposite end of
      Fryslan! Cornelis is identified as a butcher (slachter) from Dokkum
      while Antje was from Buitenpost.

      I may also have discovered Cornelis' father, Allart Allerts, who was
      identified as a 'slagter' in Dokkum in the 1749 Quotisatiekohieren;
      his parents may have been Allart Allarts and Beitske Jans, both from
      Anjum, who were married on April 25, 1716, in Anjum. Antje's father
      may have been Meindert Foekes, from Achtkarspelen (Buitenpost),
      identified as a 'meyerboer' in the 1749 Quotisatiekohieren. (What is
      a meyerboer?)

      Does anyone have further information on the above people?

      Klaas Bylsma (English, nederlands, frysk)

      Genealogy yn Fryslân: http://www.genealogy-yn-fryslan.tk/.

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