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1661RE: Het dakje op de a van Fryslan???

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  • Dan Gamber
    Jul 30, 2000
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      Hi Lieko,

      The easiest way to gain access to the diacritics (â, ë, í, etc) is the
      keyboard setting. In Windows 95 or 98, go start/settings/control
      panel/keyboard/language. If you select United States - International the
      keyboard will then give you all the diacritics of the western European
      languages. Your dakje is then shift-6 followed by a: â or Â. This works in
      not just Word but every other program that is reasonably Windows compliant -
      including Outlook Express.

      However, if you have been using the Dutch keyboard setting you may have to
      relearn some other key locations.

      Cheers, Dan
      Surnames: Hemminga, Hemmema, Blauw, Boer, Bomgaerts, Bredenoort, Docter(s),
      Dolstra, Enst, Haverkamp, Hendricks, Hofman, Huijskes, Jelckama, Liscerink,
      Ommen, Planting, Popma, Schoonhoven, Smit, Zijthoff
      Locations: most Friesland, some Canada, Gelderland, Groningen, Noord
      Holland, Overijssel, United States
      Period: 1300 - present
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