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  • Anthony Hofstee
    Jul 20, 2000
      Since I have received no answers for the following questions I have
      decided to repost them.

      Because of answers to previous questions I now need new information.

      Siebe (Sybe) Durks de Vries married Doniawerstal 25-4-1845 with Antje
      Hotzes Brouwer. I do not know the parents or birthdate/place of Siebe.
      I believe Antje to be a daughter of Hotze Thomas Brouwer and Berendje
      Kornelis Romkema. Antje names one of her children Berendje.

      If this is correct then Hotze Thomas Brouwer married in Haskerland on
      25-5-1822 with Berendje Kornelis Romkema. Further information unknown -

      I don't know birthdates/places, parents, etc.

      Siebe de Vries may have died in Haskerland or Hemelumer Oldeferd on
      16-6-1904 (according to Ryksargyf site, listed in both places).

      Thanks. Tony

      I have one additional family I would like information on as well.

      Sytze de Vries married Hennaarderadeel on 15-5-1886 with Zwaantje
      Hiemstra. I do not know anything about this couple except that Zwaantje
      may have died in Hennaarderadeel on 15-5-1886. Thanks.
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