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1488RE: [Friesland-genealogy] napoleonic decree of 1811/Naming of children

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  • Lieko Helmus
    Jul 8, 2000
      Everybody doing (Frisian)genealogy soon discovers this (unique?) patron
      And custom of naming children. How ever far you go back, you find this
      Strict tradition. Which makes it so fascinating for me to go through the
      Generations and even see your own name, like in my case, back hundreds
      Of years ago. How about Lykele Helmigs (“my 260”), born Olterterp around
      1701 and
      Married Taetske Uytzes,born Beetsterzwaag 27 March 1709?
      I am aware that I am from the generation that ended this
      Why? Also a result of a sort cultural revolution. Interesting thing that
      years ago I
      Met with a Japanese banker, with whom I shared my genealogical hobby and
      He mentioned that exactly the same process had taken place in his country.
      So instead of Aaltje, Lolkje, Daniella and Lieuwkje, our daughters were
      Alice, Hester Louise, Daniella (my father-in-law Daniel, so pretty
      and Leontina Marjolijn.
      If I knew then what I know now………
      Liekele Lieuwes Helmus, Hilversum
      PS Hope Andrys allows this sidetrack!

      Liekele (Lieko) Helmus & Rinske Helmus-Deutekom
      Siriusstraat 52, NL-1223 AP Hilversum, the Netherlands
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      gsm 06 28184122 (+SMS) NetMeeting (+Webcam)

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