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1486Re: [Friesland-genealogy] napoleonic decree of 1811

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  • siebrigje van der wal
    Jul 8, 2000
      Hans & Rinske Van Brederode wrote:

      > Hello Matthias.
      > According to our Friesian family history the naming of the children went thus:
      > the first son was names after the father's father, the second son after the
      > mother's father, the first daughter after the mothers mother and the second
      > daughter after the father's mother. After that the parents sibling's names were
      > used.
      > Does anyone else have the same custom in the family?
      > Rinske van Brederode
      > Barrie, Ontario, Canada

      Hello Rinske,

      We have the same custom in our family. Although there always are some exceptions.
      As the first girl I was named after the 'wrong' grandmother on father side, because
      mother liked her better. Also an uncle, Jan, is named after a deceased brother of my

      grandmother. Otherwise he would have had the name Bauke. There were already a lot
      of Bauke's in the family and my father was already named Bokke.
      I like that Frysian names are still used. (father: Bokke, mother: Ytje, brothers:
      Anske and Auke,
      me: Siebrigje)

      Greetings Siebrigje
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