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1478Re: [Friesland-genealogy] napoleonic decree of 1811

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  • Hans & Rinske Van Brederode
    Jul 7 5:13 PM
      Hello Matthias.
      According to our Friesian family history the naming of the children went thus:
      the first son was names after the father's father, the second son after the
      mother's father, the first daughter after the mothers mother and the second
      daughter after the father's mother. After that the parents sibling's names were
      Does anyone else have the same custom in the family?
      Rinske van Brederode
      Barrie, Ontario, Canada

      MCTeichert@... wrote:

      > Dianne,
      > Nobility and wealthy farmers did use a surname and often towns folk too. With
      > each century, up to 1811, more and more people used surnames. Most common
      > people didn't have surnames. Traditionally Frisians have sued a patronymic
      > names like, Tjerk Jans (Jan'son'). Their first name usually came from their
      > mother's father. There is more to the tradition than what I explained here.
      > Even when families did use a formal surname, they contiued to use this
      > tradition. For example, my grandfather was Jacob Jans de Hoog, his father was
      > Jan Tjerks de Hoog, and his mother's father was Jacob Hoeksma.
      > In my experience (I may be wrong) a larger number of towns people used Dutch
      > surnames prior to 1811. Can anyone comment?
      > Frisian names ending with -sma, -ma, -inga, -inia (really an -inga), -da are
      > patronymic. Although there are exceptions, non-patronymic -sma and -ma names
      > likes my gr-grandmother's maiden name Hoeksma. Names ending with -stra, are
      > origin names (I think -na is an origin ending too). If you would like, send
      > me a list of your Frisian surnames and I can probably tell what most of them
      > mean.
      > Matthias Teichert
      > Minneapolis, MN
      > MCTeichert@...
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