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  • John Van Buskirk
    Jul 4, 2000
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      >From: John Van Buskirk <jvanbus1@...>
      >To: <C>, <E>, Talma <bintal@...> <Talma
      >Subject: Fw: Returned mail: Host unknown (Name server: worldonliine.nl: host
      not found)

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      >>From: John Van Buskirk <jvanbus1@...>
      >>To: "CE Talma<bintl@...> <CE Talma"<bintl@...>
      >>Subject: Fw: [D-Col] Talman
      >> as per John Van Buskirk request
      >>Date: Tue4 Jul 2000 10:55:22 -0500
      >>forwarding the first direct response, good luck John
      >>>From: "RMH" <rmharing@...>
      >>>To: Dutch-Colonies-L@...
      >>>Subject: [D-Col] Talman, as per John Van Buskirk request
      >>>To Sylvia Talma:
      >>>You are in the Netherlands, aren't you? I live in Rockland County, New
      >>>and of course the name Talman, however you spell it, is very familiar. We
      >>>even have a hamlet/village in the county called Tallman, zip code 10982.
      >>>My husband's immigrant ancestor, Jan Pieterse Haring came here from
      >>>the mid-1600s. Two of his seven children married Talmans:
      >>> 5th child, daughter Brechtje Haring, born July 4, 1675, died Jan 12, 1709,
      >>>married (1694) Theunis Taelman of Nyack, NY, who was baptized Feb 8,
      >>>and died July 17, 1739 at Tappan or Nyack, NY. Son of Douwe H. Taelman
      >>>Dirckje Teunise.
      >>> His holdings of land 3600 acres. He married 2nd, Jan 11, 1710 to Margrietje
      >>>Hogencamp, daughter of Myndert Hogencamp.
      >>> Brechtje died after giving birth to triplets in 1709, and only one of the
      >>>three lived - she had six other children.
      >>>7th child, son Abraham Haring, born Nov 24, 1681, died Mar 18, 1772 aged
      >>>married Dircktie Taelman of Nyack, NY. Daughter of Harmen Taelman and
      >>>Grietje Minneus. Born Aug 5, 1687, died Oct 4, 1768, age 81. They had 13
      >>>children, three of whom died young.
      >>>In the third generation from immigrant Jan Pieterse Haring, Cornelius'
      >>>daughter Maria Haring, born 1692, married Douwe H. Taelman of Tappan,
      >>>son of Harmen Taelman and Grietje Linneus (I believe this to be a typo, and
      >>>should be Minneus as in the previous entry), born 1689 at Nyack, NY. Died
      >>>May 11, 1779 near Closter, NJ. Age 90 yrs. Buried Sauches Tavers
      >>>Ground. They had six children.
      >>>All this information is from Ackerman's Genealogy of the Haring Family
      >>>printed in 1952. Someone has written in pencil in the margin next to the
      >>>last entry "Murdered by Tories" - sad to think of a 90-year old man being
      >>>murdered - but the date 1779 and place, Closter, make it likely.
      >>>Is there any way you could get hold of a book by Jaquetta M. Haley,
      >>>"Rockland County New York in the 1790s" (1997)?
      >>>There is a great deal of information on several Tallman families, including
      >>>a report on an estate sale held when Harmanus' widow, Rebecca Snedeker,
      >>>in 1798. A great deal of wonderful background information there.
      >>>Regina Haring, Nanuet, NY
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