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  • MCTeichert@aol.com
    Jul 2, 2000
      J? de Beer,

      I must apologize, on Friday I accidentally screwed up my database and lost a
      lot of information. Fortunately I have all of the information on paper but
      scattered throughout various files. I visited your site with your pedigree.
      Unfortunately I don't have any information on the Andringa's listed in your
      pedigree. However in my database I have/had 2-3 Andringa's. They are only
      related to me by marriage, so I don't have much information. Here is one the
      Andringa's I found:

      Reinsck Jorrits Andringa (F), born circa 1540 married:
      1) Tyerck Walles, born circa 1535, died before 1581.
      2) Sjoerd Fockens, meester in de Rechte (lawyer) & gedeputeerde van
      Friesland, born circa 1535, died before 1595.

      If you can trace your Andringa's back to the 1500's they are probably either
      a 'eignerfde boer' (gentleman farmer/patrician) family or old Frisian
      nobility family. You can probably find more information in 'Stamboek van den
      Frieschen, vroegeren en lateren adel' by Junkheer Mr. M. de Haan Hettema and
      Mr. A. van Halmael jr. Additionally a color version of their Wapen (Coat of
      Arms) can be found in the book by G.A. Brongers and A.B. Dull tot
      Backenhagen. You can also probably find a black and white version in
      Rietstap's "L'Amorial General". Furthermore Andringa is a Frisian patronymic
      name meaning 'from or belonging to Andries (Andrew)'.

      Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

      Later Alligator,
      Matthias Teichert
      Minneapolis, MN
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