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  • Anthony Hofstee
    Dec 5, 2002
      I am trying to prove that the Elisabeth van Dessel who married in Midsland,
      Terschelling in 1730 with Reverend Henricus Domna is a daughter (perhaps
      granddaughter) of Tobias van Dessel and Mayke Brouwer. The witnesses to
      the baptisms of the children of Elisabeth include a Gesina van Dessel and a
      Maaike van Vliet. Maaike is probably Maria, christened Leeuwarden as
      daughter of Balthasar van Vliet and Margareta van Dessel. Gesina is
      probably Geiske/Geeske christened in Leeuwarden on 10-1-1700, daughter of
      Tobias and Maryke. Tobias and Maryke have a daughter Elisabeth christened
      on 25-5-1692. If this is the Elisabeth who married Reverend Domna then she
      would have been about 38 when she married. Was this a second
      marriage? Any information on Elisabeth van Dessel and her forebears would
      be appreciated. Thanks. Tony
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