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  • Anthony Hofstee
    Jul 2, 2002
      Time to ask for some favours again. I am looking for information on Keimpe
      Jeltes Koopmans who died in Het Bilt on 30-12-1821. Where was he born, who
      were his parents, who was/were his spouse(s)?

      Jelte Keimpes Koopmans, married Menaldumadeel on 30-6-1824 with Richtje
      Harings Aardema. Where were Jelte and Richtje born, when and who were the
      parents? If there is information on the parents in the trouwbijlagen, I
      would appreciate knowing that as well.

      Antje Keimpes Koopmans, married Het Bilt 25-7-1819 with Gerrit Walings
      Dijkstra. Antje was 28 and Gerrit 27. In the trouwbijlagen is there
      anything about parents' deaths, grandparents? Antje was supposedly born in
      St. Annaparochie.

      Thanks. Tony
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