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Re: [OB12] Backlight flicker - a fix for some?

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  • joost den Hertog
    is there soms action here? ... Van: FriendsofOB12@yahoogroups.com Datum: 06/13/04 01:06:07 Aan: FriendsofOB12@yahoogroups.com Onderwerp: [OB12] Backlight
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 6, 2004
      is there soms action here? 
      -------Oorspronkelijk bericht-------
      Datum: 06/13/04 01:06:07
      Onderwerp: [OB12] Backlight flicker - a fix for some?
      As I mentioned earlier, my OB was developing backlight flicker. I was
      apprehensive, but I decided to try Ian Butters method as described in
      his message on 2nd July 2003. I can confirm that it is a good idea to
      have a friend or partner to assist holding things while working
      inside it.
      I add a few notes here for anyone else doing this:
      The 5 x screws at the bottom of the rear panel and 3 x screws under
      the ribbon controller are smaller than the screws on the end cheeks -
      ideally, you need a smaller Philips screwdriver for these.
      The rear panel screws have washers as well (more parts to lose!)
      The keyboard stays with the base, and the way the wires are laid out
      inside means it is best to open the front of the synth and keep the
      back edges close together.
      The wires connecting the keyboard to a circuit board in the lid look
      fragile and vulnerable, so be careful.
      The circuit boards themselves look quite sturdy. If we still had
      those photos posted you could see that . . . (where has our files
      section gone?)
      My connector did not seem to be very loose, though it had some
      initial movement, before its catches engaged. It's like a regular
      Molex connector and comes off fairly easily (i.e. I didn't need a
      screw driver to prise it apart), but mine certainly wasn't falling
      off. I found it hard to believe that it was causing the flicker, but
      I used a piece of Duct tape (for that professional touch) to secure
      the plug in its socket, just by wrapping it around.
      I put it back together carefully, and the flickering has stopped (to
      my surprise and delight). I'm sceptical that it's a permanent fix
      especially after hearing about Tobias' experience, but am grateful
      for small mercies.
      Has anyone noticed that the rubber feet leave stains on furniture?
      Regards, Chris.
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