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5Re: [FriendsofKingPark] Planting at King Park

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  • Field, Lessly W
    May 3 9:12 AM
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      Hey - way to go! Sorry I couldn't join you yesterday. Met with Rob last night. Have a strategy for connecting with parks and rec. Commissiomn. Let's talk later today.


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      Hurray for the rain! A few landscape plants have arrived at King Park with the cool, wet weather, and I look forward to your help in nurturing them in preparation for our upcoming community meeting at the park. Note that they are plants which are drought tolerant, and will in fact be negatively affected by too much watering since the soil is heavy clay and poorly-drained. Hopefully, some mulch will also appear around the new plants soon to provide a protective layer from the eucalyptus leaf litter (which has chemicals which retard plant growth)--it is probably the lack of water and Eucalyptus that have kept the area relatively weed-free since the park was constructed.

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