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35Rev UP the BAKE SALE Engine

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  • henryfield@sbcglobal.net
    May 9, 2010
      Hi Friends

      Year-to-date, we've raised over $700 with our two bake sales. At 9:00 a.m. next Saturday, May 15th, bring a basket of pre-wrapped goodies and we will again use our Baking Pow(d)er to fund King Park improvements.

      The City of Berkeley is holding its 3rd Kids' Triathalon on Saturday and we've been given the green light for a table. We'll be back at it selling raffle tickets and baked goods. We'll also have information about Friends and a rescheduled date for our Spring Fling!

      Please bring any yummy thing that you would like to bake and donate for the cause. Contact me, Lessly Field at 526-3676 with questions.

      See you soon,

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