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24Update on King Park Equipment Installation and Recent Monetary Donations

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  • henryfield@sbcglobal.net
    Oct 5, 2009
      Greetings Fellow King Parkers,

      I am writing to share some great news. As you may have noticed, the City recently removed the fence from around the "new" play structure that Jeanine Strickland and Laurie Capitelli worked with the City of Berkeley to get installed. It's in place and by all accounts, terrific!

      Additionally, while we were unsuccessful in our bid to obtain Measure WW funds, we've received two pledges for 2010 donations. One, solicited by Laurie on our behalf for $500 comes from Marvin Gardens Real Estate Company and another, $2,400, from a neighbor.

      We have big plans for 2010, including installing the watershed-themed tile mosaic mural with the Alameda County Stewardship grant that we received earlier this year. Now, with the additional capital, we may be able to expand the mural plans, pursue landscaping improvements or tackle some of the outstanding items like the water play feature in the tot area or the picnic table.

      Stay tuned for more exciting opportunities! If you are interested in making a tax deductible donation to the Friends of King Park, please make your check to Berkeley Partners Parks - FOKP. Send it care of Lessly Wikle Field, 1344 Carlotta Ave., Berkeley, CA 94703.
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